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Friday, October 19, 2007


High School MCAS results released

The Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) ranked sixth state-wide in the tenth-grade English/Language Arts (L.A.) test and ranked 30th on the math test given under the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) in the spring of 2007, out of a total of 283 school districts.

Minuteman Technical High School was rated 215th on the Language Arts and 216th on the math exam, according to calculations by the Boston Globe on data released by the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE).

Other area high schools included Acton-Boxborough (12th on L.A. and 8th on math), Westford (17th on L.A. and 11th on math), Bedford (89th on L.A. and 30th on math), Lexington (20th on L.A. and 16th on math) and Shawsheen Valley Vocational School in Billerica (184th in L.A. and 197th in math.) Harvard Public Schools placed first in the state on both exams.

The Boston Globe rated the school districts by comparing the percentage of students who scored in the top two categories, Advanced or Proficient. For more data, see: and

Science tests

Beginning with the class of 2010, students must pass at least one of four science tests (biology, chemistry, physics, or technology/engineering) in order to graduate. Students at CCHS performed well, but according to the DOE, 31% of Massachusetts tenth-graders who took the science tests failed to earn passing marks. Those students, who are members of the class of 2009, are not required to pass in science in order to graduate. However, all students must pass the tenth-grade Language Arts and math tests to receive a diploma.

Among the 210 tenth-graders at CCHS who took the biology test, 93% passed, while 98% passed of the 77 students who took the exam in chemistry. CCHS students did not take the physics test and only two tried the technology/engineering test in 2007. Not every test is given at every school. Physics is not typically studied until 11th or 12th grade.

At Minuteman Tech, 144 students took the biology test and 72% passed All twelve who took the chemistry test passed. There were no participants in the other two tests.

State-wide, roughly 28% failed biology, 38% failed chemistry, 28% failed physics and 42% of tenth-graders failed who tried the Technology/Engineering test. Scores were better for those ninth-graders who took the tests last spring, with a state average of 81% passing.

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