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Friday, October 19, 2007


Housing Authority seeks public input on Benfield design

Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett updated the Carlisle Housing Authority on October 11 on her efforts to apply for a Priority Development Fund grant for a professional consultant who will help write the Request for Proposal (RFP) for design of the housing development on the town-owned Benfield property on South Street. Currently each CHA member is working on a draft of a specific chapter of the RFP. Selectman John Williams asked when the preliminary RFP would be done. The answer was in another six to eight weeks.

Barnett is still looking for community input on desirable design features for the Benfield housing development and asked that townspeople contact her at Town Hall at 1-978-371-6694, or

Since Conservation Preservation Act (CPA) Funds were used to buy the Benfield property, all of the housing units need to be affordable, based on Area Median Income (AMI) standards. Carlisle is part of the Boston area in terms of how the AMI is calculated. Lehotsky said, "At least 25% of the units must go to people who make less than 80% of AMI." For example: 70% AMI for a single person is roughly $46,000 and $52,000 for two people. Different financing is available to developers for various percentages of AMI. For instance, Chelmsford has a development with some units whose renters make 30% AMI, 50% AMI and 70% AMI. The type of financing a developer can get drives how many units are available for renters at specific AMI percentages. There are more sources of funding for more affordable and "green" (energy efficient) units.

State looks at accessory apartment bylaw

Housing Authority Committee Chair Alan Lehotsky, member Susan Stamps and Barnett met with Toni Coyne Hall at the state Department of Health and Community Development (DHCD) last week to discuss the status of Carlisle's Affordable Accessory Apartment bylaw, which is still awaiting state approval. Affordable accessory apartments (AAAs) are a component of the town's Affordable Housing Plan and will help Carlisle meet its state-mandated goal of 10% affordable housing. The affordable apartments could come from existing accessory apartments or could be new construction. Barnett said, "It was a productive discussion."

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