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Friday, October 19, 2007


Carlisle Comments: Acorn Nuts

How many people still remember the Acorn Nuts? This was a women's field hockey team, started in 1975 and played for 17 years. It was made up of local women of various field hockey talents and we played other teams also of various talents. Recently we had one of our periodic reunion dinners; the following piece was written for that occasion. I hope it brings a chuckle or two.

The Acorn Nuts field hockey team appeared in the Mosquito on December 6, 1985, to mark their tenth season. Front row, left to right, Marge Findlay, Sue Lemontagne, Doris Bouwench, Irene Blake, Leslie Dunbar, Lisa Foote and Molly Eberle. Back row, left to right, Candy Carr, Margaret Tweedy, Ellen Huber, Eva Herndon, Mary Annavedder, Lee Milliken, Carol Bailey, Rita Farrington, Faith Field, Liz Moseley, Dollina Borella, Bev Guyer and Mary Lou Koning. Missing from the photo is Lyn Lucks.
I looked in the Mosquito on Friday, and saw pictures of CCHS women field hockey players. My goodness! Look at the shape they are in. I can barely believe that we, the Acorn Nuts, used to play and sometimes beat them. I think that they grow these new girls bigger and stronger than they used to. I don't think I would want to go up against them today.

What happened to us? We were the Nuts. I don't think we have turned rancid. We haven't exactly turned into oak trees, although many of our children have. Here we are at one of our miscellaneous parties, still the same old Nuts at heart. No, we don't run like we used to; we are a little more sedate in our speech and behavior, and some of us have gained an ounce or two, but at least we remember what it is to flick, scoop, pass and even turn.

We look at each other through glasses fogged with the passage of 30 years time. Each of us knows who was or is the fastest runner, who blew the loudest whistle, who kept getting pregnant in the middle of the season, and who knew where every ladies' room was located on the North Shore and in New Hampshire. Remember those trips to Peterborough? I always wanted to be in the car with Nancy; she had the most bizarre stories about chickens and other things both Oriental and otherwise.

Remember the day we went to the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead after being roundly defeated by the North Shore people, and moved the tables and chairs around to suit us? One of us told a couple of grey-haired ladies that we were pretty loud and they might want to sit further away from us. Are we those ladies now?

I must say that we are still very good cooks. We know just what the gang likes and manage to make it, sometimes for the first time in years. Our waistlines are slightly bigger; our hair has done some strange things with its color and sometimes needs a little help, but our memories and friendships are as strong and wonderful as ever. Dream on Acorns; we may not have become Oaks, but our memories and love for each other sure have.

My heart smiles every time I think about it.

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