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Friday, October 12, 2007


If you are 12 right now, you are probably experiencing some of the things that happen in Marcella Pixley's first novel, Freak. If you have already been through that year, chances are you remember it quite clearly, no matter how old you are. Generation after generation, 12 seems to be an inflamed, histrionic, frightening, inexplicable, and utterly exhausting ...more

If you're a keen observer of Carlisle canines, you have probably seen happy, well-groomed dogs around town sporting a multi-colored pom-pom on their collar. This signifies that the pooch was recently bathed and groomed by Dave Bitzer, owner of Carlisle's Paws on Wheels. Lucky dog. ...more

Name. The red-banded leafhopper is Graphocephala coccinea. It is a member of the family Cicadellidae which sounds like it would include cicadas but doesn't. Both leafhoppers and cicadas are in the same super-family, Cicadoidea, and both are members of the insect order Hemiptera which are the true bugs. These are the ...more

It's almost mid-October and there's no frost in sight, so Carlisle gardens are still yielding their produce. Last week Mosquito staffers shared recipes that use locally grown tomatoes, herbs, veggies and yes, pumpkins. This week, we offer more for your fall menu. ...more

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