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Friday, October 12, 2007


Shorts from the Selectmen on October 9

· Highland Building. The Highland Building will be on the agenda for the next meeting. Chair Tim Hult asked the Selectmen to think about who should be on a Highland committee, if formed, and what their directive should be. The Carlisle School Committee has asked the BOS to form a committee to consider disposal or relocation of the building, which is on school property. Also at the next meeting, the classification hearing will be held and the tax rate will be set.

· Oak Knoll cistern. A bid for a cistern at Oak Knoll was accepted. It was won by Onyx Transportation Inc. in the amount of $91,300. It had been hoped that two cisterns could be completed for $150,000, the amount approved by Town Meeting, but that may not be possible.

· Town Hall wiring. The wiring in Town Hall was found to be faulty. It was run in front of studs when the building was constructed instead of through, and then squashed by the wall board. As the cable for improved server access is now being run, new electric wire will also be added.

· Communications tower. The Selectmen will review a lease agreement to allow the town to rent space on the communications tower at 871 Bedford Road for emergency communications. The agreement with Bay Communications, LLC would cost $1 per year.

· Greenough bid. The Greenough bids were received and $21,900 was the lowest price for building removal. Onyx Transportation was again the lowest bidder. The removal is being managed by the Conservation Commission, and is expected to take place at the end of October.

· CCHS special ed.There is a possibility that CCHS will be requesting supplemental funds this year due to the unexpected doubling of special education placements.

· Appointments. Alain Bojarski was appointed to the Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee for three years. Bill Morgan was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals, also for three years. Both appointments will end June 30, 2010.

· Ethics training. Department heads will be trained in conflict-of-interest laws at their next meeting. The training will be led by Kristina Patyjewicz of the State Ethics Commission. Committee chairs will also be invited. Selectman Doug Stevenson suggested another meeting to train officials about open meeting laws and Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie agreed to try to schedule one with Town Counsel.

· Housing grant. A peer-to-peer award in the amount of $1,000 awarded by the state was accepted. It will allow Carlisle to obtain 30 hours of assistance from David Hedison, executive director of the Chelmsford Housing Authority. "This will greatly assist us as we put together the Request for Proposals for Benfield," said Hult, and the Selectmen acknowledged the work of Elizabeth Barnett in obtaining the grant.

· Bruce Freedman Trail. The Bruce Freedman Trail ribbon cutting ceremony took place October 9 to kick-off construction of the Lowell-to- Westford portion of the bike path. Congratulations were offered to resident Alan Cameron for his part in the planning.

· Trails Committee award. The Trails Committee has issued their first Trekker Award to Mary Zoll for completion of 30 to 50 miles of Carlisle trails. (See page 3) The award was established this spring.

· Ride with Police. The Selectmen approved a motion to allow the Carlisle Education Foundation to auction off a "Ride Home with a Pal in a Police Car" as approved by Chief John Sullivan.

· Tree lighting. The Selectmen approved the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony to be held on the Town Common on December 9 starting at 5 p.m.

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