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Friday, October 12, 2007

To the Editor:

Let's go, Jim! For those of us wishing to send to Congress a common-sense, hard-working leader, Jim Ogonowski is the best choice. Jim has lived his entire life in the Fifth Congressional District, has been a farmer, a small businessman, and has served his country admirably for over 28 years. Jim cares about the environment; he cares about jobs and a stable economy; he cares about the safety and security of our country. Here's a fine individual in the mold of many great New England representatives and senators: frugal, but sensible with our tax dollars; an advocate for small government and individual responsibility; and finally, a caring family man, who will truly represent all cross-sections of our diverse district. Let's look to the future of our district and our country. Please join me in helping send Jim Ogonowski to Washington.

Douglas Stevenson
Cross Street

To the Editor:

In February 2002, a group of us boarded a bus and went to New York City to join the Peace March prior to our country invading Iraq. We were opposed to a preemptive war. All over the world similar marches took place. The Bush administration invaded Iraq anyway, based on now-discredited claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Now five-and-a-half years later, we are mired in Iraq, refereeing a civil war in which thousands of our brave soldiers have died and continue to die.

Last night I went to a movie, Pete Seeger: the Power of Song. I heartily recommend the film, which shows you that the more things change, the more they remain the same. In documentary footage, Seeger is singing about being mired "deep in the big muddy" and that we should "bring them home, bring them home." In the footage he is referring to Vietnam. Seeger is a remarkable man who has remained true to his principles throughout his life. He believes that each of us has the power to affect the course of things and that we should take care of the chain of life of which we're a part.

We have a special election coming up October 16 to elect our district's representative to Congress. I will be supporting Niki Tsongas and I encourage you to as well. Niki was raised in a military family. She wants to support our troops by "bringing them home, bringing them home." She also wants them to get the medical care that they need and deserve after serving our country. She does not plan to abandon the Iraqis but wants us to engage the international community in dealing with the problem. This seems to me the correct approach. We don't need to stay mired in the "deep muddy" again.

Sally Coulter
Virginia Farme

Ed. note: Stevenson is a Carlisle Selectman.

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