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Friday, October 5, 2007


They've got the goods — after years of waiting, the Carlisle Housing Authority on September 27 accepted title to Area 1 (see map on page 5) of the Benfield Land, the portion of the 45-acre property reserved for community housing. With possession of the deed comes authority to spend almost $50,000 in Community Preservation Funds for the design of affordable ...more

On October 1, the Finance Committee (FinCom) met to vote on whether a Special Town Meeting should be held to approve design funds to begin work on a replacement for the Spalding Building at the Carlisle School. But as the School Building Committee (SBC) described the latest chapter in the saga of the state aid application process, (see "MSBA: Will ...more

Concord-Carlisle Adult and Community Education (ACE) is important, but it can pay its own way, said the special task force reporting to the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) on September 25. The task force also recommended certain changes to the relationship of the Regional School District and ACE, in part to help the program remain financially ...more

The six members of the Carlisle Cultural Council (CCC) share a common zeal to provide cultural enrichment grants toward solving what Seema Peterson calls Carlisle's "frog in a well" problem. Quoting an old Sanskrit saying, she explains that a frog lives in a well and has a very narrow perspective. Unless he can climb out of that well, he will never ...more

On Monday, October 1, Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Executive Director Katherine Craven spoke at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School in Northborough to many superintendents and school committee members from across the state. Of the 422 Statements of Interest (SOI) received, the MSBA now has 127 they consider Priority SOIs. They ...more

· Highland. Carlisle School Com-mittee member Wendell Sykes defended the decision by the School Committee to ask the Board of Selectmen (BOS) to form a committee to decide on a plan for removal or disposal of the Highland Building. He noted, "The building is a significant fire hazard to the school and nearby churches" because ...more

The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) closed out negotiations on one contentious project only to undertake resolution of another at the September 27 meeting. A substantial part of the agenda was devoted to a Notice of Intent (NOI) filed by Ronald and Eileen Nardone in response to a ConsCom Enforcement Order that had halted unauthorized work at their South ...more

· Boardwalk off Nowell Farm Road. Eagle Scout Candidate Christopher Bojanic of Clark Farm Road received a go-ahead from the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) on September 27 for a plan to construct a 56-foot-long boardwalk on a trail off Nowell Farm Road. The pathway, which is popular with walkers, bikers and horseback riders, crosses a wetland ...more

Betsy Goldenberg, of Pinebrook Road, appeared before the Planning Board on September 24 and requested release of the security deposit and issuance of a Certificate of Completion for her subdivision, Great Brook Estates, located off of Rutland Street. ...more

A harried, yet smiling Principal Peter Badalament takes a seat in his office at Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS), saying, "It's good to be back." It's been six years since he left CCHS, where he was assistant principal, for stints as principal at two other Massachusetts high schools. He returned this summer, and spent the past months getting reacquainted ...more

There are countless unknown freshmen wandering the halls of CCHS, but the most noticeable new face this year is that of the principal, Peter Badalament. So far, his only reputation at the school is for being the man responsible for the shiny new furniture in the cafeteria. However, after a chat with the man himself, it's clear to me that Badalament's record ...more

The first Parent Coffee for the new principal, Peter Badalament, highlighted two problems on the minds of parents at the high school: the all-consuming nature of sports at all levels, and a spate of recent thefts, particularly in locker rooms. Of the 25 parents in attendance on October 1, a few reported their own children had been victims of theft by other ...more

The start of the school year is always a busy time, especially for new school employees. Hired on August 13, Interim Middle School Principal Jim Halliday says he is "getting an appreciation for what Carlisle is about," by spending time meeting staff, parents and students. Halliday was hired to replace Principal Paul Graseck, who resigned in July. ...more

· 90 Page Brook Road. The Board of Health on September 25 approved two septic variances for the site, one for distance to wetlands, and the other for depth of cover, with the provision that an engineer representing Carlisle surveys the site to determine there is no better alternative. ...more

Crews will be working on Westford Street in early October installing gas lines. Traffic delays may result, notes Police Dispatcher Mike Taplin. ...more

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