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Friday, October 5, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Health, September 25

· 90 Page Brook Road. The Board of Health on September 25 approved two septic variances for the site, one for distance to wetlands, and the other for depth of cover, with the provision that an engineer representing Carlisle surveys the site to determine there is no better alternative.

· 172 Nathan Lane. The board approved the installation of a drip septic system for up to four bedrooms, with the provision that the area be clear of livestock over 250 pounds, since the proposed drip system would lie under less than two feet of ground cover and could be punctured by a hoof.

· Kimball's Farm status. Kimball's Farm has reopened under the constraints that their ice cream must be tested more frequently and their manufacturing process must be reworked, after the farm voluntarily closed when state inspectors found bacteria in the Westford location's well. The Westford well has been treated and awaits further testing. Meanwhile Kimball's is manufacturing ice cream using privately sourced water.

· Assurance Technology Corporation building change of use. The board approved the 84 South Street business's request to turn a multi-family home, which had recently suffered a fire, into offices, which would reduce the amount of flow to the property's septic system.

· Ferns' inspection status. The board noted that Ferns, which had recently been tested with zero findings for bacteria in their water, is due for a state health inspection.

· Stable applications. The board noted that they had received 44 applications for stables, and that last year's application process included an unannounced inspection that concentrated on where animal waste was being disposed of in relation to well water and wetlands.

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