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Friday, October 5, 2007


Great Brook Estates developer seeks town sign-off

Betsy Goldenberg, of Pinebrook Road, appeared before the Planning Board on September 24 and requested release of the security deposit and issuance of a Certificate of Completion for her subdivision, Great Brook Estates, located off of Rutland Street.

The board had retained an amount of money as security until all work on the subdivision road, Great Brook Path, and associated drainage structures was finished. Completion of the houses is not required. According to Planning Board administrator George Mansfield, all the lots have been sold and at least nine of the homes have been built. The ten-lot subdivision was begun seven years ago.

The board focused on two aspects of the subdivision. Oversized openings at the pipe outlets had been installed between the water detention areas and the wetlands, apparently as a "field change" due to a mismatch in aperture location of the discharge pipes at the headwall. Also, the as-built condition of the retaining wall that supports the roadway into the development is not verified from records thus far reviewed by the board.

The board requested Goldenberg to have her design engineer provide flood water analysis incorporating the oversized drains to determine whether the design will function properly.

Since the retaining wall was completed six years ago, this issue is more complicated. The contractor who did the work is no longer in business; the supplier of the pre-engineered components (Versa-Lok) does not retain records from that long ago; Goldenberg has not been able to locate design plans for the structure (if they ever existed since it was a purchased pre-engineered design); and the board's engineering consultant (LandTech) records thus far reviewed are not complete enough to verify if inspection of the retaining wall was done before backfilling was completed.

Board chair Michael Epstein commented that detail in inspection field notes and inspection reports may have to be expanded in the future — often only problem areas or deficiencies are noted in reports to the board.

Goldenberg requested and received an extension for completion of the development to November 30 to try to resolve these issues.

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