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Friday, October 5, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen meeting, September 25

· Highland. Carlisle School Com-mittee member Wendell Sykes defended the decision by the School Committee to ask the Board of Selectmen (BOS) to form a committee to decide on a plan for removal or disposal of the Highland Building. He noted, "The building is a significant fire hazard to the school and nearby churches" because it is wood, with limited access to water. In addition, scarcity of land at the school is driving a need to optimize usage. Christy Barbee said an estimated $2 million would be needed to renovate. Tim Hult expressed fear that "No one will vote to allow us to do either of those two things (tear down or renovate)." No further action was taken by the Selectmen.

· Pathways. Deb Belanger of the Pathways Committee received permission for a change to the sequence of work to take care of some issues. The committee would like to start resurfacing the Bedford Road pathway up to the Shohet easement, which is under a conservation restriction banning the use of asphalt. Removal of the restriction would require votes of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation and state, which will be pursued. Concord Street pathways will be on the east side.

A suggestion that the west side of Concord Street needs help will be met by grading a hump which blocks the informal walkway. The intersection of Church and Concord Streets will be examined by the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee.

· Police. Chief Sullivan sent letters of commendation to Sergeant Scott Barnes and Inspector Andrew Booth for their work on a Rutland Street larceny, and Sergeant Barnes and Officer Royce Taylor for preventing a suicide in the library parking lot. The BOS added their commendations.

·Annual Town Meeting. Madonna McKenzie issued a timeline leading up to a Spring Annual Town Meeting on May 12 and Town Elections May 20. All is tentative and will be reviewed in a few weeks.

· New employee benefit. Paid personal time off for part-time regular town employees with more than a year on the job was approved. Time off must be approved by the department head and each year's must be used by July 1 with no carry-over. The impact will be minimal except for the library.

· Town Hall report. A facilitator at Town Hall has issued a report with recommendations. It will be discussed at the BOS meeting October 9.

· School equipment. The Carlisle School Committee got approval to discard or recycle surplus equipment, including computers, printers, sports mats, and other outdated or worn-out items.

· Fire Department. The Deputy Fire Chief's stipend was raised from $8,437.52 to $13,643, as approved in the override budget but overlooked when salaries were approved.

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