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Friday, September 28, 2007


Planning Board holds hearing on Scenic Roadways

It was the Planning Board's turn, on September 24, to hear the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Committee (also known as the Pathways Committee) request for permits needed for completion of the footpath project. Deb Belanger, member of the Pathways Committee, presented an application to remove certain trees and short sections of stonewall along the town's right-of-way along the east side of Concord Street, from Church Street to Bingham Road, and along the west side of Lowell Street, from the Police Station to Morse Road. These are both designated Scenic Roads and such a request requires approval by the Planning Board and the Carlisle Tree Warden, Gary Davis.

At the hearing on September 24, Belanger spoke on the background history of the initiative, criteria for pathway location and design and, in general terms, outlined the plans for the four- to five-foot wide pathway. She said that recommended trees have been "flagged" and that the committee would like to start pre-construction activities in early November.

Several abutters spoke at the hearing. Jenifer Bush asked about plans for replacement of trees. Belanger replied, "There is no such plan." Planning Board Chair Michael Epstein countered, "That is within our [the Planning Board's] jurisdiction to consider."

John Lee (Lowell Street) expressed concern for three black walnut trees and seven granite bollards at his property. Belanger said that was an area where about 150 feet of curbing is planned so that the pathway could be directly adjacent to the road.

In preparation for continuing the public hearing at 7:45 p.m. on October 29, a site visit is scheduled for 8 a.m. on Saturday, September 29. Planning Board members, the Tree Warden and members of the Pathways Committee plan to meet at the corner of Church and Concord Streets to walk the route and discuss specifics of tree removal and stonewall removal or relocation. Abutters and interested members of the public are invited to join the group.

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