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Friday, September 28, 2007


ZBA interviews board candidates

At the September 24 Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meeting, two candidates were introduced to the board: Bill Morgan and Kerry Kissinger. Morgan is a senior management consultant with experience in product development and engineering management. He is currently winding down his private consulting practice and now has time to offer community service to Carlisle. "I've lived in Carlisle for 18 years now. It's about time to give back to the community."

Kerry Kissinger, also a long-time Carlisle resident, said he was invited to consider joining the ZBA board, but concerns about his out-of-state location from January through March and potential conflict of interest over his views towards 40B hearings have given him cause to pause before accepting a board position. "I would like to continue to be more vocal about 40Bs, but [I would not want] to bring embarrassment to the ZBA," he stated. Kissinger advocates that 40B laws should be applied on a "regional" basis, not town-by-town. ZBA Associate Shann Kerner encouraged Kissinger: "It's good that you want to bring on change [to the 40B process]. We just have rules that we have to follow."

Chairman Ed Rolfe agreed, stating that "personal views are a separate matter from the hearing," and spoke briefly about how he participates in "The Coalition to Repeal 40B," a committee that seeks to put 40B on the 2008 ballot and let voters decide if the 40B law should be repealed or not. Rolfe's job is to help collect the needed 66,000 signatures to put it on the ballot (see related article, above). To be sure he was not creating a conflict of interest for himself, Rolfe sought advice from the Massachusetts State Ethics Committee, who supported Rolfe's 40B activities as not being in conflict with his duties on the ZBA.

Bill Morgan was ultimately nominated to join the ZBA unanimously by the board. Chairman Rolfe will now draft a letter to the Selectmen notifying them of Morgan's acceptance by the board. The Selectmen, in turn, will discuss Morgan's nomination at an upcoming meeting. Kissinger said he would continue considering the position and would inform the ZBA of his decision in the near future.

Currently two vacancies exist on the ZBA board, pending Morgan's approval from the Selectmen and Kissinger's undecided status.

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