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Friday, September 28, 2007


40B repeal advocates want question placed on the ballot

On September 5, the Office of the Attorney General certified a citizen petition to repeal state law Chapter 40B. If the proponents can secure the more than 66,000 voter signatures necessary, the repeal initiative will be on the November 2008 ballot in Massachusetts.

Their web site ( contends that 40B has been ineffective in providing substantial affordable housing and states: "By repealing 40B, we can utilize existing laws such as 40R and 121B to focus on regional and local planning, inclusionary zoning and redevelopment that will provide distinct financial and other benefits to communities and urban centers while increasing local control and affordable housing."

Passed in 1969, MGL Chapter 40B is a Massachusetts statute which allows developers who include a certain percentage of affordable housing units to be exempt from local zoning guidelines, and to appeal local zoning board denials or restrictions to the state Housing Appeals Committee.

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