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Friday, September 28, 2007


COA, RecCom space dropped in new school plan

The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) voted on September 19 to support the school expansion plan known as Option 3, modified with additional classrooms replacing the office space originally reserved for the Council on Aging (COA) and the Recreation Commission (RecCom). The estimated project cost is $28 million. For the September 25 Selectmen discussion of the project, see page 8.

School Building Committee (SBC) Chair Christy Barbee explained that the COA was not in favor of their group having dedicated space in the school, since usage would be restricted to after-school hours.

The school is requesting a special Town Meeting this fall to ask for $3 million in design funds, which are usually estimated to cost roughly 10% of the total construction costs.

School Superintendent Marie Doyle said she had advocated for the community space, understanding that the Massachusetts Schools Building Association (MSBA) required "innovation" in school designs. School Committee member Michael Fitzgerald said, "I can't see the MSBA supporting community space."

Barbee added that the school may need the space originally set aside as community space in ten years if enrollment, which is currently decreasing, begins to increase. Committee Chair Nicole Burkel expressed concern that the committee is recommending the most expensive construction option.

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