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Friday, September 28, 2007

School Building Committee recommendations

To the Editor:

The School Building Committee (SBC) recommends Carlisle initiate design of a facility to provide for the replacement of the Spalding Building and address overcrowding at the school, which has been the subject of three studies since 2001.

While we recognize the upcoming fiscal year will be more challenging than recent years, the condition of Spalding merits our attention. If the design funds are approved, it will likely be 2010 before Spalding is replaced. We are asking for funds before Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) approval, because delaying building puts the town at risk for significant expense maintaining Spalding.

The 2006 Master Plan notes that this facility has reached the end of its useful life and will require replacement. To use the building beyond 2010, replacement of the roof and some of the HVAC system will likely be required. The SBC does not believe this would be a sound investment by the town. MSBA has given Spalding the worst rating a building can receive. Replacement of Spalding is no less of a need than the high school.

In addition to replacing Spalding, SBC recommends that existing overcrowding issues, first identified in the 2001 report, be addressed. The majority of the proposed expansion is designed to address current overcrowding and inappropriate use of space. It also allows for modest future expansion and anticipated programmatic changes. MSBA has indicated that they are looking for schools to address shortcomings holistically and not come back for funding every couple years.

While the students will be the direct beneficiaries of the new facilities, the reputation of Carlisle's school system contributes to the high property values the town enjoys and benefits its citizens.

Design funds provide for the procurement of a design architect and an Owner's Project Manager, a recent state mandate on projects. Since the 2001 study, Boston area construction costs have risen 38%, based upon Engineering News Record's Boston Cost Index, a widely recognized reference. The SBC recommends the town proceed with the design based upon the condition of Spalding, current overcrowding and use issues, and steady increases in construction costs.

Lee Storrs
School Building Committee Member
Brook Street

Vote for Tsongas

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage the voters of Carlisle to vote for Democratic candidate Niki Tsongas in the special election on October 16. Niki is running for the 5th Congressional seat left vacant when Marty Meehan accepted the position of Chancellor at UMass/Lowell. Niki's belief that we need to end the war in Iraq now, her strong support for providing care for our returning veterans, her plan for a national health care program that will provide affordable and accessible care to all citizens, her support of public education, and her long-standing commitment to ending global warming by decreasing greenhouse gases and developing sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy make her a candidate with values consistent with the voters of Carlisle. Further, Niki believes in the importance of working for your community and has demonstrated that belief throughout her life through her civic involvement. Niki's belief in the power of local civic engagement mirrors the spirit of Carlisle. Finally, I would note that Niki Tsongas's candidacy gives voters an opportunity to be a part of history. It has been a very long time since we have had a woman in the Massachusetts Congressional delegation. It's time to change that. Please join me in voting for Niki Tsongas on October 16.

Marlene Fine
Acton Street

CSA thanks fall luncheon volunteers

To the Editor:

The annual Fall CSA luncheon was held on Tuesday, September 18 to honor the

outstanding work of the Carlisle Public School's teachers and staff.

The luncheon would not have been possible without the generous support of our school community. We would like to thank each and every parent who prepared the delicious salads, main courses and desserts, as well as those who brought drinks and made monetary contributions. We also extend special thanks to those who helped set up, serve and clean up the dining room: Leah Osterman, Regina Troast, Holly Salemy, Stephanie Shenton, Francine Royce, Kristie Riddick, Dennis McCollum, Sandy Nash, Trish Massicott, Marybeth Stevenson, Cathy Poirier, Mary Keeler, Leigh Tappen, Andrea Kalkstein, Mary Kirlin and Nancy Van Siclen. Also a huge thank you to our decorating captains: Leah Osterman and Regina Troast and to the Quinlan family for the beautiful flowers. And to Casey Smith for the lovely quotes.

Thank you again to all those who helped make the luncheon a big success.

Stephanie Blunt
CSA Luncheon Coordinator
Cross Street
Amy Versaggi
CSA Luncheon Coordinator
Buttrick Lane

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