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Friday, September 21, 2007


Perhaps you need to leave a message for your child's teacher. You dial the Carlisle Public School phone number and a familiar voice answers the phone: ...more

The new school year has brought some fresh faces to Carlisle School. The Mosquito will introduce a few each week in the upcoming issues. ...more

Some may wonder, as they read of the School Building Committee's (SBC) request for design funds for a new elementary school project, "Why now?" When the school has declining enrollments and the town sees reduced revenue from new home growth, the request may appear to come at an unlikely moment. ...more

An old wisecrack regarding the origins and traditions of Jewish Holidays goes like this: They wanted to kill us, there was a miracle, we survived, now let's eat. ...more

The next time you browse through the offerings of the Gleason Library, don't be surprised if you see a tool to reduce your environmental footprint. Thanks to the Friends of the Gleason Public Library and the Carlisle Household Recycling Committee, the library now has four Kill-A-Watt ...more

It has been a dry summer. Mushroom hunters would describe it as pitiful, pathetic and a summer of paucity but on Monday, September 10, the Mosquito office sent me a message from Nancy Pisiello of East Riding Drive about an "ottoman-sized" mushroom in her back yard. It had been there for a couple of weeks under the hydrangea bushes at the back of ...more

Jamie and Kathryn Klickstein of West Street hosted a 25th reunion of their 1982 Carlisle School eighth-grade class. ...more

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