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Friday, September 21, 2007


Kimball's reopens after brief closure

The Kimball Farm Carlisle ice cream stand voluntarily closed on Thursday, September 13, when contamination from E. coli bacteria was detected in a routine sample taken from water at their Westford location, but they were able to reopen a few days later on Sunday, September 16. Kimball Farm spokesman Dick Lamburn said that both their Carlisle and Westford stores are now selling new ice cream made using a different source of water. Clean water is being brought in by tanker truck to the Westford site, where all Kimball's ice cream is manufactured. The older stock of ice cream may be sold once tests can verify that it is free of any contamination.

The Carlisle water has always been fine, according to Carlisle Board of Health Agent Linda Fantasia.

Lamburn said that the source of the contamination was not yet known. The well has since been treated with chlorine. "It's the first time in 65 years," according to Lamburn, that Kimballs has had trouble with their well water.

He expects the Carlisle store will close for the season sometime in early October.

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