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Friday, September 21, 2007

GRAZING AT THE SHOHETS' FARM ON BEDFORD ROAD. The four sheep belong to Constance Smith of Concord, a relative of the late Farnham Smith of Great Brook Farm. Smith uses the sheep to train her sheep dog each day on the farm. (Photo by Ellen Huber)
Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS), with over 1,250 students, can seem like a daunting place for new freshmen. Students from Carlisle, the Concord Peabody and Sanborn Middle Schools, the METCO program and private schools all come together. Most freshmen know a little over 100 kids on their first day. Last spring, CCHS physics teacher Brian Miller suggested ...more

"It's time for the Housing Authority to firmly plant the stake in the ground," said Chair Alan Lehotsky of the group's vote to build 26 units of senior housing on the Benfield Land on South Street. They have chosen to construct the maximum number of units authorized for the South Street property by Town Meeting, enough to earn the town a two-year ...more

Perhaps you need to leave a message for your child's teacher. You dial the Carlisle Public School phone number and a familiar voice answers the phone: ...more


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