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Friday, September 21, 2007


25th reunion of Carlisle School eighth grade brings students back

Jamie and Kathryn Klickstein of West Street hosted a 25th reunion of their 1982 Carlisle School eighth-grade class.

Members of the Carlisle School class of 1982 include, front, left to right: Monica Davison, Kathryn (Sonn) Klickstein, Adrienne d'Annunzio, Adam DeGarmo, Betsy Courant. Second row: Suzy (Finson) Nemec, Rick Koning, Craig Collins, Madeleine Blanz-May, Kristen Benedict, Linda (Moseley) Corfield, Jamie Klickstein, Gillian (Lucks) Kaeyer, Shelly (Sanford) Hazard, Scottie Eliassen, Beth Cameron, Lisa (Hayen) Chaffin, Bill Ho, Pam (Fielding) Goar. Third row: Doug Cremin, Chris Collins, Paige (Bermingham) Witham, Michael Edson, Stefanie (Warner) Grise, Sean Johnson, Alicia (D'Urbano) Donovan, Tom Guyer, Chris Borghesani. Back row: Eric Lineback, Peter Milliken, Cindie (Platais) Bryan, Karen Raftery, Geraldine Griffin, Rachel Spuria, David Matias. Missing is Steve Naidich, who left early. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

The reunion party was held on Saturday, September 15. The Klicksteins received a strong response from their classmates with over 50% of the original class of 72 attending. To add to the fun, ten teachers were kind enough to come to the event. Teachers attending were: Steve Bober (English), Richard Deppe (principal), Daryl (Cutter) Greenwood (kindergarten), Jeff Levin (English), David Mayall (social studies), David Negrin (art), Rob Quaden (math), Bill Tate (5th grade), Jim Trierweiler (science) and Joe Walsh (5th grade).
Jamie and Kathryn (Sonn) Klickstein, pictured with their daughter Lindsay, hosted the reunion. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

Teachers who attended the reunion are, clockwise from top left, Bill Tate, Jim Trierweiler, Dave Mayall, Jeff Levin, David Negrin and Robert Quaden. Attending but not pictured were Daryl (Cutter) Greenwood, Richard Deppe, Steven Bober and Joe Walsh. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)
It is important to note that several teachers wore "trademark" items of clothing including: clogs for Steve Bober and, of course, a bow tie for Richard Deppe. The evening was spent reminiscing about the many memories this close-knit class created together. One past event that received special attention was the eighth-grade class play: a production of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance.

Of special interest is the fact that four of the reunion students live in Carlisle: Jamie and Kathryn Klickstein, Bill Ho and Lisa (Hayen) Chaffin.

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