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Friday, September 14, 2007


After putting the building project on hold two times since last year's school Master Plan was completed, the School Building Committee (SBC) believes the time has come to move forward. That is how the School Building Committee voted last week, when it again weighed when to ask for architectural design funds. The group focused on three arguments for starting ...more

Facilitator John Littleford held a series of private meetings on August 31 with Carlisle School Committee (CSC) members, school administrators and faculty representatives to address teacher complaints (see "Carlisle teachers vote no confidence in Superintendent Marie Doyle," Mosquito, June 15). At the CSC meeting on September 5, members spoke favorably ...more

Kim Bovell, who has been a METCO tutor for the last two years at Concord-Carlisle High School, has been named the interim METCO Coordinator. The previous coordinator, Norma Dinnall, retired in June. Bovell, a product of the METCO program, is young, enthusiastic and ready to take the program to new heights. ...more

The Emerson Umbrella does not plan to sign the new one-year lease on the Carlisle School's Highland Building. The school sent a new lease last week specifying the artist cooperative must repair the front porch decking, columns, steps, and roof to a safe and useable condition, repair exterior windows with broken glass, inspect the fire alarm system, and inspect ...more

On July 31, Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, attended the Historical Commission meeting to discuss a future application concerning the roof balustrade atop Town Hall. After a railing fell off the building (no one was hurt), it was discovered that some of the wooden structure was rotting which caused leaks in the hallway below. McKenzie brought in a sample ...more

Mirroring the state's results, Carlisle residents chose Nikki Tsongas as the Democratic Party candidate and Jim Ogonowski as the Republican candidate in the special state primary election held on Tuesday, September 4. Of the town's 3,546 registered voters, a total of 784, or 22.11%, participated in the election. ...more

MSBA update. At the September 11 meeting of the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC), Superintendent Brenda Finn said that an engineer and an architect from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) are scheduled to visit the Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) on September 18. They will review the school's Statement of ...more

The Land Stewardship Committee (LSC) reported on one completed project and sought advice from its parent organization, the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom), during the latter's September 6 meeting. ...more

Ever wonder whether town boards can use e-mail to work between meetings? Or why residents are allowed to attend some town government meetings but are excluded from others? The Massachusetts Open Meeting Law affects us all by defining the framework for interaction between the public and Carlisle's many town boards, committees and commissions. ...more

The Carlisle teacher's vote of "no confidence" in Superintendent Marie Doyle taken last spring is the first such vote in the history of the school system. However, other problems through the years have tested the school administrators, at times redefining leadership roles and responsibilities. A look at past challenges may offer perspective on the ...more

The final mobilization grant for traffic enforcement began August 16 and concluded September 3. Inspector Andy Booth, who coordinated the grant program, reports that 16 extra hours of patrol dedicated solely to traffic enforcement yielded 37 stops and 36 citations, with two seatbelt violations. There were no arrests for operating under the influence of alcohol. ...more

Hanover Hill. Chair Michael Epstein opened the discussion by saying that the development is the largest to come before the board since Tall Pines. The Preliminary Subdivision Plan for Hanover Hill shows 36 lots on 126 acres (at 672 and 872 Westford Street). The public hearing is scheduled to begin at 8:30 p.m. on October 22. The board selected ...more

Benfield Housing. Frank Proctor of South Street appeared on behalf of abutters to the Benfield site to complain that the housing as planned will be insufficiently set back from the road and adjoining property. He said the Housing Authority is ignoring bylaws and pursuing a policy of "let's cram as much as we can" onto the site. Tim ...more

Telephone inquiries from a concerned neighbor led Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard to ask Fiske Street homeowner, Sara Dunleavy, to attend the Conservation Commission's September 6 meeting. The aim was to clarify the status of "vegetation management" activities associated with a long, well-established driveway that included a wetland crossing. ...more

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