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Friday, September 14, 2007


Selectman Shorts, August 25

Benfield Housing. Frank Proctor of South Street appeared on behalf of abutters to the Benfield site to complain that the housing as planned will be insufficiently set back from the road and adjoining property. He said the Housing Authority is ignoring bylaws and pursuing a policy of "let's cram as much as we can" onto the site. Tim Hult noted a letter had been sent by the Selectmen to the Housing Authority indicating a preference for lower density solutions. John Williams said the Housing Authority is considering senior housing that would lower the footprint of the housing by 30%. He pointed to Village Court as an example where setbacks are only 20 feet to show "it's possible to do a lot with trees and landscaping." Hult assured Proctor the town will have a chance to review any solution proposed by the Housing Authority, as a subsidy will need to be voted on at Town Meeting.

House in three towns. A proposal to move a boundary at 394 Pope Road would allow the building of a house on property in three towns: Carlisle, Concord and Acton. Previously it would have gone to the county, but this is the first such proposal to involve Carlisle since county government was abolished in 1997. The Mass Highway Department is now the state entity with jurisdiction. McKenzie noted that typically in such cases, taxes are paid to each town according to square footage and the children go to school in the town in which their bedroom is located. Hult pledged cooperation on behalf of the Selectmen.

Honor Roll Committee. The following were appointed to the Honor Roll Committee: Ned Berube, Greg Fairbanks, Larry Bearfield, Anne Marie Brako, and Alan Cameron. The committee contains a number of veterans as well as members of other town committees.

Gift Account. A gift account is being established to allow contributions to honor Carlisle's first fire chief Waldo Wilson and first dispatcher Esther Wilson and their daughter Sarah Andreasson who was town clerk for many years.

Joint Meeting. A joint meeting with Concord and Carlisle selectmen, FinCom members, and the regional school committee is planned for September 20 at the Town House in Concord at 7:30.

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