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Friday, September 14, 2007


Emerson Umbrella rejects new Highland lease

The Emerson Umbrella does not plan to sign the new one-year lease on the Carlisle School's Highland Building. The school sent a new lease last week specifying the artist cooperative must repair the front porch decking, columns, steps, and roof to a safe and useable condition, repair exterior windows with broken glass, inspect the fire alarm system, and inspect the fire escape and repair it if necessary.

The lease specified that Highland repairs must start within 90 days of the beginning of the lease or the school will have the "right to terminate the lease and require vacancy of the building by the end of those 90 days."

School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman said Umbrella Managing Director Carrie Flood notified her this week that a board member of the Umbrella recommended that it not sign the lease. The group plans to offer the school a management agreement for the building instead.

The Carlisle School Committee has leased the former school building to the Umbrella since 1994 for $1 a year, asking in return in the lease that the group pay for heating, electricity, and insurance bills, and for building maintenance and upkeep.

This summer the school asked the group to get estimates to repair the concrete porch foundation pillars, the roof on the front porch, and a space between the chimney and main roof where flashing has separated and caused some leaking.

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