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Friday, August 31, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Health, August 21

· 274 Heald Road. At its August 21 meeting the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) approved a plan to replace a failed septic system. The existing system is 50 feet from neighboring wetlands and the new leaching field will be 72 feet away, although current town regulations call for a 100-foot buffer zone. Engineer David Schofield representing homeowner Paul DiChristina said that the property layout, grade and groundwater depth prevent him from meeting the 100-foot standard. He argued, however, that the proposed Presby sewage treatment system (a form of Innovative Alternative Technology with a smaller leach field) will more than meet town sewage treatment regulations with a 500-gallon tank and 1,000-gallon pump chamber. An abutter expressed concern that leakage into the shared wetlands might contaminate his well.

· 867 Curve Street. The board approved the installation of a Presby alternative technology sewage treatment system by Foresite Engineering to replace a failed septic system on the property owned by Barry Ohs.

· 56 Bellows Hill Road. The board approved a new septic system by Norse Engineering for an office/barn being converted into a three-bedroom guest cottage on property belonging to John Saphier. A waiver for the garbage disposal requirement was granted, as the new building has no kitchen. The new system will include a three-trench leach field and large 1,500 gallon septic tank, on the condition that speed levelers are placed in the D-box to distribute the flow through the trenches.

· Coventry Woods. Since only one response arrived to their Request For Proposal, the BOH decided to wait until fall and try again to line up a peer review consultant for the ground water mounding analysis needed once the septic system applications are submitted for the Coventry Woods 40B development. The peer review will be needed, BOH agent Linda Fantasia said, because of the complexity and magnitude of the septic systems. The consultant will be paid by the applicant.

Well digging has begun at the Concord Street site, but the BOH has not yet received notice of the necessary pump test that must be witnessed by the state Department of Environmental Protection, since the wells will serve enough families to meet the threshold for a public water supply.

· Neighborhood Networks. The BOH agreed with the selectmen that Neighborhood Networks and emergency preparedness are important and plan to publicize to the town through a number of outlets.

Sewage disposal regulations. The board discussed cutting in half the 100-foot distance requirement in Carlisle's supplemental regulation to the state's Title V that prevents septic systems from being built close to wetlands. No decisions were made and the issue is scheduled for further discussion at the September 11 meeting.

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