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Friday, August 31, 2007


Housing Authority mulls Benfield housing

The future community housing to be built on the town-owned Benfield Land was the topic of informal discussion at the Housing Authority's meeting on August 23. Housing Authority members expressed interest in the possiblity of having architect John Winslow create sample drawings of a proposed 26-unit senior development on the South Street property. The group is waiting for the Selectmen to turn over Benfield site control in order to receive the $50,000 in Community Preservation Committee (CPC) money, part of which could potentially fund the architectural sample drawings.

Phyllis Hughes offered her thoughts about how a senior community should be created based on her recent experiences living at Carlisle Village Court, an 18-unit senior housing development in Carlisle across from the school on Church Street. "Eighteen is a pretty good number. If you go more [higher] than that, you'll have a problem maintaining the sense of community on that property."

The Housing Authority adjourned at 9 p.m. because one member had to leave, so the remaining agenda items were tabled for the next meeting on September 6.

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