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Friday, August 31, 2007


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, Aug. 23

· Facilitator contract. The Carlisle School Committee has contracted for $4,900 with Jim Littleford of Littleford and Associates to visit the Carlisle School on August 31 and work with teachers, administrators and the school committee to address issues of teacher dissatisfaction. Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman said the cost will be covered by the School Committee's budgeted funds.

· Business Manager production scheduling. It was announced that Zimmerman is expecting a child in early December. She expects to be on leave for about eight weeks, and then resume working part-time, mostly from home, during February. She would be returning to work full-time in March.

· New principal. The School Committee welcomed new interim middle school principal Jim Halliday, who started work in August.

· CEF grant accepted. The CSC voted to formally accept grants from the Carlisle Education Foundation totaling $5,000 for staff development through Primary Source and $50,000 for FY08 world language instruction. Board members discussed the difficulty in short-term grants which are used to fund staff positions, and Zimmerman noted that the grant was not included in budget estimates for the FY09.

· Book by Pixley. It was announced that eighth-grade Language Arts teacher Marcella Pixley has just published her first book entitled Freak. Pixley has spoken at the school about bullying, and her book is focused on girls and bullying in middle school. The book is due to be released in mid-September and has been starred by Kirkus Reviews and Booklist.

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