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Friday, August 31, 2007


Late summer Carlisle School facilities update

· Spalding roof patched. A roofing contractor repaired part of the Spalding Building roof this summer to stop water leaking over the circular part of the building. Wood planks were replaced in a 6x8 foot section of the roof where water leaked and the tar and gravel top layer was also replaced.

· New art room. Elementary art has been moved from the Corey Building to a full-sized regular classroom. The town Building Inspector had requested art be moved in order to ensure better ventilation than was available in the theater storage room used previously. The spare classroom became available through recent reductions in the total number of K-8 classes.

Roof assessment and repair gets underway at the Carlisle School Spalding Building this week. (Photo by Dave Ives)

· New locks. The school will install new locks on classroom doors sometime after classes begin next week. Buildings and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery said the school put the project out for bid specifying the installer must be licensed, bonded and insured in Massachusetts, with bids due this week. The locks, which allow teachers to use a key to lock classroom doors from the inside in an emergency, are expected to be installed as soon as the bid is awarded. Flannery said the work will be scheduled during after school hours or on early release day. At the August 28 town Finance Team meeting, School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman said that retrofit kits available for most buildings will lower the expected project cost.

· Highland Building. In September the Carlisle School Committee is expected to vote on a one-year lease of the Highland Building to the current tenant, the Emerson Umbrella. The Selectmen plan to discuss the future of the building at their meeting on September 11.

· Phones. This summer Flannery, Zimmerman, and Building Committee member Don Rober prepared specifications for a new telephone system for the school. The group researched different phone systems by contacting other school systems to see which vendors and equipment are recommended. Zimmerman said they plan to follow up with additional market research before making a final choice.The team decided the start of the school year, with its rush of activity, might not be the best time to implement a new phone and voicemail system. A new phone system is expected to be installed during the December or February school vacation weeks.

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