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Friday, August 31, 2007

Support for Eldridge

To the Editor:

Jamie Eldridge, Democratic candidate for the Massachusetts Fifth District, has been actively working against global warming since long before Marty Meehan announced his retirement. Environmentalism is not a recent political position with Jamie; it's part of who he is.

I first met Jamie Eldridge almost a year ago at a regional meeting of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network in Harvard. He has been an active conservationist since graduation from Johns Hopkins University, working with the Acton Earth Day Committee, the Organization for the Assabet River, and as Vice-President of the Acton Conservation Trust.

Jamie has received 93% positive ratings from both the Mass. Audubon Society and the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters.

Vote for Jamie Eldridge, progressive Democrat for Congress.

Bob Luoma
Palmer Way

Support for Niki Tsongas

To the Editor:

When we go to the polls Tuesday, September 4, we will be voting for Niki Tsongas for U.S. Congress because we think she has the integrity, the poise, the competence, the ideas and the compassion to represent Massachusetts 5th Congressional District and the nation.

We got to know the Tsongas family when we worked for her husband, Paul, in all of his campaigns beginning with Middlesex County Commissioner. Thanks to her experience as a lawyer, as a dean at Middlesex Community College, and as a member of several non-profit community boards, Niki will bring very special skills to the position. This sets her apart from the other candidates. She knows Washington and people there which gives her a head start.

We urge everyone to vote for Niki for September 4, the day after Labor Day.

Bonnie and Gabor Miskolczy
Cross Street

Tsongas a strong candidate

To the Editor:

Next Tuesday, Democrat, Republican and Unenrolled voters have the privilege to select candidates to run for Congress. Please take the time to vote.

I intend to vote for Niki Tsongas in the Democratic Primary. I hope you will, too. Niki believes in and will work for stopping the war in Iraq, properly equipping the troops who are there and supporting and caring for them when they come home. She will work to create new sources of renewable energy. She will work to guarantee health care for everyone.

Niki is a thoughtful, mature, caring and tough person. Anyone who has dealt with cancer, either as a patient or as the caregiver of a patient, knows that all these qualities are necessary to ensure that a family survives intact and strong. Niki's family has.

Please take the time to go to vote for the person you want to see represent Carlisle and the other cities and towns in the Fifth Congressional District. Veterans of all our wars have fought for our ability to choose our leaders. Now it's time for you to do your part. I hope you will join me and vote for Niki Tsongas. In any case, vote on Tuesday, September 4.

Cynthia Schweppe
School Street

Miceli deserves your vote

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, September 4, the voters of the Fifth District have the opportunity to make history. To do so will take them only a couple of minutes and enable them to have the kind of representative that many claim they would like to have: a Congressman who listens to their ideas, understands their problems and votes their interests, Jim Miceli.

If you are tired of government officials who deny the citizens their most fundamental civil rights to petition the state, to vote on the issues and to have their voices heard on what matters to their lives, you should be voting for Representative Jim Miceli.

Please, Democrats: vote for a real Democrat, Jim Miceli. Please, Independents: ask for a Democratic ballot and vote for an independent thinker, Jim Miceli. Candidates only understand one thing, the final results on election day. You cannot change the system you are complaining about by staying home.

Warren R. Carey

Representative Cory Atkins supports Niki Tsongas

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my wholehearted endorsement of Niki Tsongas for Congress for the 5th Congressional District. She is by far the most qualified, most forward thinking and most knowledgeable about the historic cities and towns that make up the district and how they can best be represented in Washington.

I have known Niki for over 30 years and can testify to the fact that her experience is unmatched. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with her husband Paul Tsongas, she partnered with him as city councilor of Lowell, County Commissioner in Middlesex County, Congressman to the 5th Congressional District, U.S. Senator for the State of Massachusetts and candidate for President of the United States,

Niki is the only candidate who has gone to Washington to visit injured young men and women in Walter Reed Hospital. Like the other candidates, she wants to bring our troops home. But Niki goes further; she knows war is a life-changing experience and is committed to seeing that the women and men who serve receive the health care they deserve.

Niki can deliver on that promise because of her hands-on experience. As a board member of Tufts Health Care she has had to roll up her sleeves and help figure out how to provide quality health care now and how to pay for it.

She established the first female law firm in Lowell and continuing Paul's legacy in Lowell with her work on the Tsongas Arena. Dean at Middlesex Community College, Niki worked in one of the areas of workers training and education that is critical to the economic development of this region.

All of the members of Congress, who have served the 5th Congressional District, and more importantly all of their spouses, have unanimously endorsed Niki. We know what it takes to do this job, and we know Niki has it. She is an experienced professional who knows Washington better than any other candidate.

We have the opportunity to send the first woman member of Congress from Massachusetts in over 25 years. Let us send the best. Vote Niki Tsongas!

Representative Cory Atkins

Senator Pam Resor supports Jamie Eldridge

To the Editor:

Though Marty Meehan's departure from Congress is a sad event, it presents us with a wonderful opportunity to choose our next Congressman. For me, as State Senator for the Middlesex and Worcester district, the choice is easy. I am writing to express my firm support for State Representative Jamie Eldridge. I can think of no better candidate than Jamie Eldridge; we are truly lucky to have him. Jamie Eldridge is the type of candidate who will stand up to President Bush, Republicans, and even some Democrats to preserve our rights.

I had the pleasure of observing Jamie in action at an early stage in his community service. He led an effort to preserve Acton's environment by co-founding Acton Clean-Up Day. Jamie took an active role in local leadership. He became the chair of the Acton Housing authority and chair of the Acton Democratic Committee. In 1998 and again in 2000, I was honored to have Jamie manage my successful reelection campaigns. After graduating from law school, Jamie became a legal aid attorney in Lowell and Lawrence for a nonprofit organization that provides free legal services to the poor and the elderly.

In 2002, Jamie took the opportunity to run as a Clean Elections candidate for the newly redistricted 37th Middlesex District. Jamie showed his dedication and determination by knocking on doors six hours a day, six day per week. Jamie is the only successful clean elections candidate in Massachusetts history.

Through my experience in the Legislature I have seen firsthand how Jamie works tirelessly to advocate for his constituents and stands up for his principles. Jamie led the effort in the State House to create Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), which provide matching funds for low-income workers to save money in order to buy a home, start a business or pay for college. The IDA program is the first antipoverty program initiated by the legislature in a decade.

Jamie worked with town officials and local activists to craft a proposal to fix the significant inequities in Chapter 70 education funding. As a direct result, state education funding has increased throughout the state.

Jamie has proven himself in the State House as a strong leader. As a Division Whip, Jamie led the fight to legalize same-sex marriage. Jamie helped convince his colleagues that voting on civil rights is not acceptable. Jamie overcame the odds and was able to protect the rights of all Massachusetts citizens.

I am confident that Jamie is exactly the type of leader we need in Washington. In Congress, Jamie will continue to have the courage to lead and will serve as model for his colleagues, just as he has in the State House. Jamie is an exemplary individual and will serve as a true advocate for the people when he represents us in Washington.

Senator Pam Resor

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