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Friday, August 24, 2007


Shorts from the Historical Commission, July 31

Town Hall roof. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie attended the meeting to discuss a future application to the Commission concerning the roof balustrade atop Town Hall. After a railing fell off the building (no one was hurt), it was discovered that some of the wooden structure was rotting and leaks in the roof were detected. McKenzie brought in a sample section of end posts and railings made of plastic, which the Commissioners inspected. McKenzie will return to the August 28 meeting with a sample from a different manufacturer.

East Street Pathway. Members discussed the Pathways Committee's plan to extend the pathway down East Street, partly in the Historic District. Commissioners are concerned about damage to stone walls along the pathway. The application submitted by the Pathway Committee did not include a site plan, which is required. Marc Lamere, newly appointed to the Historical Commission as the Planning Board's representative, will also be the liaison to the Pathway Committee.

Rules and Regs. The long-awaited Rules and Regulations of the Carlisle Historical Commission that had undergone several revisions had been sent to Town Counsel for approval and were returned with only minor changes. The final version will be distributed this fall to residents and businesses in the Historic District and to real estate agents.

Survey. Anne Forbes, the consultant hired to conduct the town-wide survey of historic properties, attended the meeting to review her contract and scope of work. She and her partner will survey up to 250 properties, and will begin the field work in October. Forbes estimates the survey will take one year to complete. Funding from the Community Preservation Act for the survey ($41,000) was approved by Town Meeting in April, 2006.

[Ed note: See page 16 for a profile of the Historical Commission.]

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