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Friday, August 24, 2007


Search for full-time Recreation Director continues

The Recreation Commission (RecCom) is still accepting applications for the full-time Recreation Director position authorized by Town Meeting in April, in part because of a delay in posting the position locally. This requirement has now been addressed, and Allen Deary, RecCom chair, said a search committee will follow a structured process to screen and interview candidates and finally make a recommendation to the board. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie said 11 applications have already been received. The current part-time recreation co-directors are Jan Deyoe and Cindy Nock.

As of the RecCom meeting on August 13, the position had not been advertised in newspapers, though the RecCom had advertised it on the web site in July. When the RecCom learned of the town's personnel policies requirement for local notification, they posted the position at Town Hall and on the town's web site,, on August 14.

RecCom member Norm Lind said the period of accepting applications has been extended. He is working with McKenzie to choose appropriate publications in which to advertise. Lind said the closing date for applications will be in about two weeks, depending on the printing schedules of the publications used.

Search committee

The four-person search committee is being chaired by Lind and includes RecCom member David Moreau and former RecCom members John LaLiberte and Maureen Tarca.

Deary said of Tarca, "She is very familiar with the job function, and she is also an HR professional who is very familiar with screening, interviewing and hiring techniques and processes. We are very pleased she agreed to help." Tarca previously served as RecCom chair, but now lives in Concord.

The reason for the delay in hiring is that Lind has been proceeding slowly because "I've never done this before." He has been checking with McKenzie to understand the process that is supposed to be followed.

Job description

According to the specifications listed on the town web site, the new recreation director must be able to plan, organize, coordinate, implement, supervise and manage town recreation programs for children, adults and seniors. The minimum requirements are a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Management or a related field, and three years of supervisory experience managing recreation or other community programs. The candidate should have knowledge of state and federal laws related to personnel, youth and elder programs, computer, web and budgeting skills and the willingness and ability to coach and counsel program participants. The salary range is roughly $50,00 to $64,000.

When asked if there is a preference for in-town versus out-of-town applicants, Deary replied, "We are looking for the best possible candidate to fill the full-time position."

"We have had a very good response so far," said Deary. The Recreation Commission will make a decision based on recommendations from the search committee. He expects the process to be completed sometime in September.

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