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Friday, August 24, 2007

The peril of phone books

To the Editor:

The Police Blotter published in the August 3 Mosquito states that a resident "...complained about phone books being left in the driveway." My initial response was "How petty!" However, I quickly changed my mind when I recognized that items delivered in this manner can become a "break-in" invitation to homes left vacant by vacationers, etc.

To reduce this likelihood, homeowners should always alert their neighbors and the police to planned absences. It only takes a moment for a neighbor to move dropped-off items to a pre-arranged location and the sense of community that this practice reflects is something we all value.

Al Powers
East Street

Support senior housing

To the Editor:

As a resident of Carlisle since 1980, I wish to commend the cognizant boards and committees for their diligent work regarding the Benfield Affordable Housing Project. I encourage them strongly to bring the present proposal for senior housing to fruition.

Of the several reasons for the logic of this approach, I would mention the demographics of Carlisle, the smaller footprint achieved for senior accommodations and the corresponding better integration with the neighborhood. Lastly, senior housing will not lead to an increase in the school population.

George Lohrer
South Street

Support for Eldridge

To the Editor:

We are at a critical time in our history. This administration routinely announces — through signing statements or sheer disregard — that the laws of the country do not apply to them. The administration, in addition, has the same disregard for telling us the truth. Meanwhile the critical institutions of our government are being so eroded that their moth-eaten structures are at risk of failing much as bad bridges do.

It is critical that whomever we send to Congress be able to take and defend positions fundamental to a country under law. Jamie Eldridge is remarkably clear about his positions, which always ring true morally. He has stood against the war, for health care for all.

There may be times when we need someone who "knows Washington." But now we need someone who will stand up in Washington with stubborn courage and defend our basic principles.

We hope you will vote for Jamie Eldridge.

Barbara and Robert Tinker
Rutland Street

Date set for CCHS 2002 reunion

To the Editor:

It has been five years and the CCHS Class of 2002 fifth-year reunion is rapidly approaching. The event will be held on Saturday, November 24. Much of the event is still being planned, but we would like to invite the entire class to attend and encourage people to save the date on their calendars now. For alumni or friends and family of a CCHS Class of 2002 alumnus, we are trying to get in contact with everyone in the class. If you have a postal address or know the postal addresses of any alumni, please submit them to us so we can send out invitations to the entire class. Postal addresses should be emailed to

We look forward to seeing you in a few months.

Brian Walsh
Class President
CCHS Class of 2002

Cancer Awareness Day pays off

To the Editor:

I would like to commend the staff of Emerson Hospital for providing Cancer Awareness Day, which I attended recently. It offered a very thorough medical assessment, as well as an abundance of information regarding the major medical considerations of this often elusive malady.

Due to a brown, slowly growing, birthmark-type of spot on my face, I had intended to make an appointment with a dermatologist. However, I saw the notice for Cancer Awareness Day. I obtained checkups from the various services offered that day. The dermatology checkup revealed a possible melanoma. I was diagnosed by Dr. Benjamin Solky, who suggested I see Dr. Samuel Goos for a biopsy. The biopsy revealed a melanoma, which I have had removed. The prognosis is very good. Early recognition of this matter is primary to the prognosis.

I was impressed by the staff at Cancer Awareness Day, and the fact that it appeared that highly-qualified staff and physicians were volunteering their time for such a worthy cause. I was later treated by Dr. Goos and Dr. Solky. Based on their credentials, and their performance, in my estimation these are two experts in their field. Had I not gone to the clinic, I may have missed out on availing myself of their services.

Emerson Hospital should be proud of their efforts and of the fine staff and physicians who are affiliated with Cancer Awareness Day and with Emerson in general.

Steve Davis
Prospect Street

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