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Friday, August 24, 2007


Readers log 142,885 pages at Gleason Library

This summer's reading program at the Gleason Public Library was for everyone. Over six weeks, teens and adults logged their reading (books, magazines, audiobooks and online materials) at the library or from home through a statewide web site. Page counts for adults were combined with the tally from the children's room, totalling 142,885 pages for the town.

Participants also posted book reviews at the library's summer reading

station, across from the circulation desk, and online at the library's blog, Popular recommendations included Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns (a "very powerful, moving book") and

Harry Potter ("lives up to the hype"). The Friends and Trustees of the Gleason Public Library sponsored anotherchallenge: for each milestone reached (40,000, 80,000, 120,000, and 160,000pages), a donation was made through Heifer International's Read to Feedprogram. With over 120,000 pages read, a llama and a goat were donated as"living loans" to needy families.In the end, Carlisle's younger readers logged 48,753 pages. Readers loggingthe most pages in the children's program were Lucy Hill, Thomas Radcliff,Paige Brazina and Lee Bernstein. Most pages read in the 5th and 6th gradewere Gabrielle DeAlderete and Anagha Chandra.

The teen and adult category topped the charts with a total of 94,131 pagesread. The competition was fierce with many topping 6,000 pages. Most pagesread title for 2007 goes to Phyllis Hughes with a whopping 7,536 pages. Topteen reader, Mary Boutet, was not far behind with 6,191 pages.

While thequantity is impressive, the best part about summer reading was seeing themany ways in which reading is incorporated into the lives of Carlisleans —from audiobooks for car trips, to family reads, to magazines and ebooks, tobestsellers and classics.The librarians would like to thank all of those readers who participated inthe 2007 inaugural teen and adult summer reading program.

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