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Friday, July 20, 2007


Through the 1950s, Carlisle was a town of farmers with large tracts of farmland and open space. While the town has been fortunate enough to retain much of its open space, most farmland has given way to single-family homes for our growing population. Still, rural traditions can be found around town on a few farms and in homes where Carlisleans produce homemade ...more

Summer is a great time to enjoy performance art, and summer shows offer advantages you cannot find in the regular winter season: many are free, others are much less expensive than in the winter and perhaps best of all, many are outdoors. Here are some suggestions for music, dance and theater performances you can savor this summer: ...more

On June 22, I was about to turn on the outside water faucet when I noticed a very strange insect sitting on the handle. At first I thought it was a small wasp, but its front legs were huge, like those of a body-builder. Its front legs and head resembled a praying mantis, but with the wings and abdomen of a wasp! ...more

Conservation Commission members chose an informal gathering of the conservation community to honor their colleague John Lee, who had resigned effective June 30. Addressing about 60 guests at an annual conservation picnic at the home of Sally and Bob Zielinski, Commissioner Roy Watson presented the honoree with an official citation from the Massachusetts House ...more

Some time this fall, I will "turn sixty," whatever that might mean. I am not sure exactly what I am supposed to think or feel about this supposedly momentous event. At worst it is a time to look ahead with a rearview mirror and see if I stumble more, hear less, fall asleep in my book more quickly — in short, am I aging appropriately or am I ...more

"A splendid little oasis of calm and tranquility." This was Selectman Tim Hult's description of Carlisle's newest jewel, Center Park, on Lowell Street, next to Ferns in the town center, at the park's dedication during Old Home Day festivities. Hult continued, "Nestled among the historic colonial homes and classic churches of Carlisle Center, ...more

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