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Friday, July 20, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Health, July 17

56 Bellows Hill Road. Jeff Hannaford of Norse Design Services came before the board for an informal discussion of the design requirements for an additional septic system to service a guest house at 56 Bellows Hill Road.

The owner would like to convert an existing barn to a guest house for use during visits by his children and grandchildren. The barn had previously been used as office space and the owner would like to maintain office space on the second floor of the barn.

Hannaford stated that he had met with the town building inspector who had made it clear that a guest house is not to be considered an apartment and therefore certain restrictions apply: it may not be continually occupied, it may not have a kitchen and it would be subject to yearly inspection by the building inspector.

With this information Hannaford and the board discussed the general design parameters of the new septic system, agreeing on a flow rate for the design. Brem thanked Hannaford for coming to the board early in the process. No further board action was required.

265 Kimball Road. The board took up the issue of a deed restriction at 265 Kimball Road. Several years ago the owners added two rooms to their home, one of which was an indoor swimming pool. This addition put the property in a situation where the number of rooms (and therefore the calculated number of possible bedrooms) technically exceeded the size of the septic system. During the permitting process a deed restriction was put in place requiring a standard inspection of the septic system every three years.

The owner was now requesting a release from the deed restriction citing damage to the yard from the frequent inspections. Noting that the septic system was relatively new and had always passed inspection, the board voted unanimously to remove the deed restriction.

Social worker. The BOH and Council on Aging have received a grant which will provide funding for a social worker. The employment ad has been written and will be posted soon. BOH agent Linda Fantasia stated that the public hiring process will be followed. The position is funded through June 30, 2008.

Communication. BOH Chair Jeff Brem outlined a new process to provide improved communication between the town's permit-granting boards (BOH, ConsCom and Planning Board). The boards will share meeting minutes and have designated liaisons present at other board meetings creating what Brem described as a "triangle of communication between boards." The board welcomed Carol Nathan, representing the Planning Board, to the BOH meeting.

Ferns. The board received a copy of two letters from the Department of Environmental Protection concerning Ferns Country Store. The first, dated June 12, stated that based on previous inspections and on the fact that Ferns will not provide a public bathroom in its proposed remodeling, the DEP has determined that Ferns'water is not a public water supply. In the second letter, dated July 9, the DEP stated that because the well at Ferns is not a public water supply and because the proposed remodeling will not include a public bathroom, the Wastewater Permitting Section of the DEP has no issues with the redevelopment of this property and no further review by them is required as long as flow rates and wellhead protection areas are maintained as described.

After a short discussion about the public bathroom issue, BOH chair Brem said the board was not clear about regulatory standards in dual-use situations — a market and "interior non-restaurant seating" and when it is necessary to provide a public rest room. Stating that the board needed to be aware, he asked Fantasia to contact the building and plumbing inspectors for information about the process used to determine that no public bathroom is required.

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