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Friday, July 20, 2007


Police investigate letter targeting Doyle

The Carlisle Police are continuing their investigation into a threatening letter targeting Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle, as well as reports of past vandalism on her car. No further vandalism or similar letters have been reported.

The letter was placed in the Carlisle School's main office around June 15. Originally thought to be delivered to the School Committee's mailbox, it cannot be confirmed who first received the letter. Doyle was quick to assure the public that no one's safety was in jeopardy. Asked recently if any changes have occurred at school based on the incidents, she replied, "Sorry, no comment."

According to Chief of Police John Sullivan, there is a detective and an assistant assigned to the overall investigation. Sullivan said the car vandalism was reported only after the letter was received, noting the vandalism incidents were "months ago." However, he added, the police are keeping an eye on the campus, and have extra patrol cars stopping by.

Sullivan said the Police Department takes any type of threat seriously. "Our main goal is to stop it and make her feel safe," he said, noting, "We work well with the school." Doyle agreed, "The Carlisle School Department and the Carlisle Police Department have an effective, respectful working relationship.

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