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Friday, July 20, 2007

Meet and Greet Jamie Eldridge on Tuesday, July 31

To the Editor:

This past Sunday at Ferns General Store piazza I attended a candidates forum that included candidates from the 5th district race. I enjoyed listening to all of the candidates speak, but Jamie Eldridge's can-do attitude was what stood out the most.

Jamie Eldridge is the candidate that the 5th district needs in Washington. Jamie's network of volunteers around the district is a testament to his view on people-powered politics. This grassroots campaign is the type that we have been lacking; that type that brings hope.

This is a chance to meet Jamie and volunteer on his campaign. Please come meet Representative Eldridge again, or for the first time in Carlisle at the Gleason Library. The event will take place Tuesday evening, July 31. You can also learn more about Jamie online at jamie.asp

Read this young man's accomplishments and positions on the issues of so much importance today. For the past few election cycles the message has been change — well, here is the man that can truly effect change.

Do you feel that government subsidies: to corporations that outsource jobs are wrongful?, to oil corporations for resource development or whatever are wrongful? (Isn't $10 billion per quarter enough?), to big pharma are wrongful?, etc.

The undue influence of big money on our legislature must end. If these issues are important to you then you should seriously consider Jamie's candidacy.

Jamie is the man that will work for change. He will not go along to get along.

Ed Fields
Bedford Road

Thanks for Politics on the Piazza

To The Editor:

On behalf of Ferns Country Store, we want to thank the many people who helped make last Sunday's 'Politics on the Piazza' such a huge success! As co-sponsors, the Carlisle Democratic & Republican Town Committees deserve thanks for their support — it was fun to learn that this event was the very very first time that the two committees had ever worked together on a project! Politics on the Piazza "Committee" members included: Susan Stamps, Democratic Committee Chair, Adam Waitkunas, Republican Committee Chair, Tom Raftery, who moderated the event, and Ben Kilgore, Kilgore Communications.

In addition, we'd like to single out the behind-the-scenes help of Danielle Grossman of Milldam Public Affairs, Chief John Sullivan and the members of the Carlisle Police Department, David Flannery and the Carlisle Public Schools for lending us chairs, Jic Davis for providing the sound system, The Carlisle Mosquito, our store neighbors, event volunteers and the Fern Crew Members who always step up to the plate when necessary. A special thanks also to candidates Eileen Donoghue, Rep. Jamie Eldridge, Rep. Barry Finegold, Rep. James Miceli, Tom Tierney, and Niki Tsongas for their open and willing participation.

And finally, thank you to all who attended — it was a great example of democracy in action.

Thank you all!

Larry Bearfield
Robin Emerson
Ferns Country Store

Support for Jamie Eldridge

To the Editor:

For those of you who missed the "Politics on the Piazza" event at Ferns this past Sunday, you missed a great example of "old-fashioned" politics at the local level.Thanks go to Larry and Robin at Ferns and both the Democratic and Republican Town Committees for arranging the event.I strongly believe that Jamie Eldridge is the best candidate to be our next representative to Washington. He is the strongest Progressive in the race and has received the endorsement from two national grassroots organizations, the "Progressive Democrats of America" and "Democracy for America."He is the only candidate that will fight to pass single payer health care for all and will immediately work with Jim McGovern to get us out of Iraq and start a diplomatic process to stabilize the Middle East.Come and see why Jamie is generating excitement in the 5th Congressional District race.There will be a "Meet & Greet" in the Hollis Room at the Gleason Library at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 31. Come and hear Jamie in person.If you can't make the 31st in Carlisle, he will be at the Concord Library on July 24 at 7 p.m.

Bob Wallhagen
Carlisle Coordinator for Jamie Eldridge
Timoth Lane

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