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Friday, July 13, 2007


Shorts from the RSC, June 26

· CCHS Handbook updates. Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Principal Art Dulong presented what he termed minor changes to the school handbook at the June 26 meeting of the Regional School Committee (RSC). The "Full-day attendance"policy, which required students to attend a full day of school in order to participate in after school activities was updated. Language was added which allows the principal to review why the student missed school ("extraordinary circumstances"), and make an exception to the attendance/after-school activity rule.

Changes were also made to the "Long-term absence and tardiness" policy. In the case of any student who may have missed at least 25% of the quarterly meeting time of a class, a team will be formed to review the attendance record. A team member will contact the parents, possibly requesting medical documentation, if necessary. Unexcused tardiness of more than three times in a school year will result in disciplinary action, determined by the assistant principal. Possible consequences include "detention, multiple detentions, and suspension for one or more days, assignment of community service hours" or other unspecified measures. When a student arrives late to class teachers "have the right to assign either their own detention or a school detention if a student is tardy to their class three times."

·Choral trip to Disney World. The RSC approved a May 2008 choral trip to Disney World. Dulong, speaking for CCHS music teacher Deborah Smith, said the May 1 to May 4 trip includes missing one day of school. The students would be attending a Disney World choral workshop and giving one performance during their trip. The rest of the time would be available for visiting Disney attractions. Over 100 choral students in grades 9 through 12 are expected to travel, with a cost of over $1,000 per student. Scholarships will be available for students needing financial assistance, said Dulong, which will be raised by "fundraiser opportunities."

· Sci-Fi club trip to Japan. The RSC approved an April 2009 Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) Club trip to Japan. CCHS English teacher and club advisor David Nurenberg explained the club has established a relationship with students in Nanae and Sapporo, sharing interests in "anime" (Japanese animation) and "manga" (Japanese comics). The 11-day trip will involve at least four to six students and cost roughly $2,500. The students will travel to Nanae, Sapporo, and Tokyo. Although the trip would be during April vacation week, the students will miss at least one day of school.

· Art Dulong's last RSC meeting. Dulong was thanked several times during the meeting for his leadership and mentoring. "Thank you for the very nice things you have said tonight, and at other times. It has truly been an incredible honor and privilege to be able to serve you. It has been a highlight of my career." He concluded, "My greatest fear is that someone will find out how nice this has been and ask for my money back. It's spent."

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