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Friday, July 13, 2007


Selectmen to review goals

On July 24, the Board of Selectmen will devote a meeting to "Goals and Objectives" for the coming year. The meeting will be held at 20 Audubon Lane. Last year the exercise resulted in over twenty items requiring the Selectmen's attention, a list that may have been more overwhelming than motivating. This year Chair Tim Hult has introduced some steps designed to improve prioritization and delegation.

Each Selectman has been asked to prioritize various goals and also rate success in accomplishing that goal over the past year. The first-pass result of that exercise appears above. Most items fall along the middle line where accomplishment meets priority, but a few items stand out. For example, "open land" and "safety and security" were goals that showed high accomplishment, while "education," "financial management," and particularly, "affordable housing" fell below expectations.

The next step is to start to define specific objectives. For example, how many and what types of affordable housing projects should be targeted? What areas of financial control need attention? Then each Selectman will be assigned some areas in which to provide leadership.

Hult noted he would like to see the Goals and Objectives easily available to the public, possibly in the Annual Report and on the town web site. Bill Tice suggested an interactive component that would allow for citizen input, adding, "Now that would be pretty cool."

Their list of goals and objectives is reprinted below:

BOS core values and long-term goals

· Stable and sustainable financial management.To manage town finances effectively, thereby maintaining a responsible tax rate and providing appropriate town services. This involves finding ways to ease the burden on many of our long-term and lower income residents.

·Excellent education for our children.To maintain the excellent quality of education provided by the Carlisle Public Schools, the Concord Carlisle Regional High School and the Minuteman Technical High School, by supporting the administrative and instructional personnel and maintaining quality facilities.

· Effective and efficient town services. To support delivery of effective and efficient services by all of our town employees. This requires that we provide competitive compensation, effective tools and systems and a constructive work environment for our town employees.

·Stable and responsive public utilities. To work with providers such that they maintain stable and responsive telecommunications and energy resources to all of our citizens while working within the constraints and requirements of our town by laws.

·Recreation and community activities. To provide appropriate recreational and community activities for all of our citizens, including youth, adults and the elderly. This requires development of adequate athletic and recreational facilities as well as activities and support facilities for the elderly.

· Affordable housing. To maintain and implement a long-term affordable housing plan using a multi-faceted approach, thereby increasing the quantity of affordable units within the town.

· Conservation land and open space. To maintain the town's commitment to conserving open space as an essential element of our rural environment. This involves management of future development, a willingness to consider new land acquisition and sound stewardship of the land currently conserved.

· Regional and state partnerships. To work with regional organizations, neighboring communities and our state representatives on issues that affect our region. These issues include but are not limited to: traffic, Hanscom Field, 40B and school financing issues.

· The safety and security of our citizens. To provide a safe and secure environment for all of our citizens. This involves the maintenance of sound police and fire operations as well as the effective and safe maintenance of our public roadways and traffic.

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