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Friday, July 13, 2007


Final state budget leaves Carlisle all set for FY08

The recent announcement of the state budget for the coming year has quelled concerns that Carlisle's FY08 budget, recently passed at Spring Town Meeting, would be insufficient to cover expenses. The Carlisle budget was based on an FY07 state funding level of $1,243,535, but the FY08 local aid estimate is for $1,358,498. The town budget is routinely prepared on an estimate of state aid as the final numbers are not released in time for Town Meeting.

Perhaps the best news was a 12% increase in aid to education, which rose to $804,992 from $718,400. In contrast, the increase for general government, including lottery aid, police career incentive, elderly and veteran exemptions, payment for state-owned land, and additional assistance amounted to only a 5% increase.

Concern had been raised that slowing Carlisle real estate development might cause a shortfall in FY08. The budget was based on an expectation of revenues from $23 million in new real estate growth. Although the Board of Assessors has not yet released final numbers, the actual growth is expected to be well short of that number. However, with $115,000 in state aid above what was expected, "it should all work out," according to Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie.

In other news, although FY 07 was not a banner year for Carlisle financially, it appears an increase to the Reserve Fund will not be needed to make ends meet. About $194,000 in overages have been identified, including $130,000 in legal fees for Coventry Woods, $38,000 for the Carlisle School, and $16,000 in communications. The Reserve Fund balance is $236,000, and what is not used will end up in Free Cash. Asked to predict if legal fees will be an ongoing concern, BOS Chair Tim Hult noted three lawsuits concerning Coventry Woods are on-going, but added hopefully, "They have the potential to settle at any point."

FY08 Carlisle State Aid

  Expected Actual
Education $718,400 $804,992
Lottery Aid $254,031 $258,294
Additional assistance $14,729 $14,729
Police Career Incentives $60,479 $58,805
Elderly, Vet exemptions $5,468 $9,382
State-owned land $184,596 $206,240
Offset library receipts ($5832) ($6056)

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