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Friday, July 13, 2007


Thanks to the Old Home Day Committee for submitting the following results and awards.

Old Home Day Parade

Spectators along the parade route were delighted by the creativity, spirit, artistry and sense of community displayed in this year's OHD Parade.

For a fourth year, David "Bucky" Toher returned as Parade Marshall, riding his horse Lola. The Icelandic horses of Gabe and Lois d'Annunzio accompanied Bucky and Lola.

Our distinguished Carlisle Minutemen preceded Honored Citizen Harriet Fortier, Conservationist of the Year Louise Hara and former Honored Citizen Phyllis Hughes, who all rode in locally owned classic '56 Thunderbird and '61 Corvette convertibles. In their wake were a record number of Carlisle children propelled their decorated cycles, wagons, scooters and soapbox racers.

Parade watchers enjoyed the many creative floats depicting the theme, "Artistry of Carlisle." There was also a model Model T, some handsome classic cars, the Historical Society's antique hearse and a full complement of fire engines with full-throated sirens sounding. Once again, Callahan's Kempo Karate gave a synchronized karate demonstration.

Judges' comments and awards follow:

Grand Prize to Fishing for Trash by the Carlisle Recycling Committee, including a bicycle-powered fish made of recycled materials. Many young "fisher people" attended the "fish".

Second Place to Great Brook Farm's Barn and Silo

Third Place to Callahan's Kempo Karate

Best Kid's Entry to the Cub Scouts

Honorable Mention to Ferns Country Store's antique Chevy

Artistry of Carlisle Award to Hen cam with Terry Golson

Many thanks to this year's volunteers who assisted in keeping the parade running smoothly and to Jason Reed, Jody Isaacs, and Wells and Sarah Sampson for sharing their prized convertibles.

Sincere thanks to all parade participants.

Old Home Day Art Show

Patrons viewed over 100 pieces of art on display in Union Hall, all loaned by the artists for this one-day show. It was an exciting representation of "The Artistry of Carlisle."

Shannon Driscoll's sculpture of birds on a tree branch was awarded Best in Show, while those attending the art show voted Tillie Golnik's watercolor of flowers the Most Popular. This year's special award went to Changming Xu for his watercolor titled "My House."

Ribbons were awarded in each of the following categories: by judges Karen Shaver and Laurie Engdahl.

First-place winners

grades K-4 Gardner Nash

grades 5-8 Katrina Stropkay

grades 9-12 Lisa Debruzzi

adults Joseph Provenzano

Second-place winners

grades K-4 Changming Xu

grades 5-8 Allie Mundal

grades 9-12 Elise Ruan

adults Denise Galejs.

Third-place winners

grades K-4 Briana Cohen

grades 5-8 Sydney Callahan

grades 9-12 Cris Marks

adults Marcella Shepard.

Winners of the Cake-Decorating

Contest: Children

First place - "A Carlisle Mosquito"

Emma Brandhorst and Abby Wilcox

Second place - three-way tie

a. "Scrabble" - Gabrielle deAlderele

b. "Paradise Found" - Susannah Knapf

c. "Lovable Lamb" - Anna Jewell

Third place - three-way tie

a. "A Day at the Pool" - Katelin Durbin

b. "Bubble Bath" - The Blue Girls

c. "Foss" - Hugh and Owen Schmidt


First place - "In Bloom" - Jacqueline Jones

Second place- "Larry the Learned Dragon" - Raquelle deAlderele

Third place - "Artistry in Carlisle; Carlisle Gothic" - Liz Orlando

Winners of the

Bread Baking Contest

First prizes: Maria Balboni (Portugese Sweet Bread)

Carolyn Shohet (Rye Onion Walnut Rolls)

John D. Lee (Cappucino Muffins)

Second prize: Maria Balboni (Portugese Rustic Bread.)

Third prize: Frank de Alperitz (Bon Temps Boule)

Winners of the Pie-Baking Contest

Fruit & Berry: First place (tie): Melissa Marteney, Purple Pie (Plum & Blueberry), and Colette Cooke, Triple Cherry Pie

Third place: Carolyn Shohet, Jumbleberry Crumb Pie

Fourth place: Joan Antognoni, Cherry-Blueberry Pie

Cream, Custard, or Cheesecake:

First place: Annette Lee, Lemon Meringue Pie

Many thanks go to our wonderful judges, Angela Mollet, Tricia Lamb, Bert Williams and Chief Sullivan. We also thank the generous members of the public who stayed to taste the pies.

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