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Friday, June 29, 2007


Track and field

The CCHS Girls Varsity Track and Field Team completed another excellent season finishing fourth in the Dual County League (DCL). Girls of all ages helped earn the record of 5-3-0. With more than 150 girls and boys on the team, 36 athletes qualified for the Eastern Massachusetts (EMass) Meet, a big accomplishment for those individuals. Senior Maia Reed has ...more

My two daughters often bring up an interesting debate on why I like one over the other. I candidly reply, "Listen, you both are like my two eyes; you can never like one eye over the other." ...more

The Huskies softball team had an exciting and challenging year with a new schedule of competitive schools. The team was up for the challenge with eight returning players and nine new players. The Huskies finished with a 7 — 6 record for the season. ...more

Track and field

The boys track and field team had a great season this year producing a large number of EMass (Eastern Massachusetts finals) qualifiers. Carlisle qualifiers included senior Andy Brown in the 110 m hurdles, senior Dan Canina in the shot-put and discus, senior Ted Day-Fratto in the 400 m, junior Phil Divino in the one mile, senior Dan Fidler in the one mile, ...more

Name. The American Heritage Dictionary has two definitions for dodder; one is a noun meaning "any of various parasitic vines of the genus Cuscuta" and the other is a verb meaning "to progress in a feeble or unsteady manner." I haven't been able to discover how this vigorous vine came to be called dodder. Lots of other ...more

Ultimate Frisbee has become a hugely competitive sport, but it has never drawn the same attention as football or baseball. When I tell kids at school that I play on the Concord-Carlisle High School Ultimate team, many laugh, exclaiming "I didn't know we had one!" Not only do we have one, but we finished ninth in the state as a second-year team; not ...more

During its inaugural season, the Carlisle Junior Varsity Softball Team finished with a 2-4 record. The season included many great moments, including a big opening day win over Hanscom by a score of 12-2. The other victory was a rousing 18-16 come-from-behind-win over a talented Lincoln squad. ...more

Gov. Deval Patrick's inaugural committee's charitable giving program has awarded Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ), a Concord- and Carlisle-based organization, a $2,500 grant. In the same week, the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest also awarded C4RJ $2,500. ...more

Skin cancer is the most preventable and most common type of all cancers. In Massachusetts, about 615 men and 505 women are diagnosed with melanoma each year. During 1999-2003, the rates of melanoma in Carlisle increased, with women having more cases than men. These trends are consistent with others across the state. Furthermore, doctors are currently diagnosing ...more

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