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Friday, June 29, 2007


Shorts from the ConsCom, June 21

Resignation and leadership change. Longtime ConsCom member and former chairman John Lee has announced his resignation from the commission, effective July 1. In appreciation of his expertise and dedicated service, his colleagues tendered gifts and goodies at the close of their June 21 meeting. In an earlier action they had elected current vice-chairman Peter Burn as chairman to replace two-term head Roy Watson and named former head Tom Schultz as vice-chairman, starting July 1.

Rocket launch at Foss Farm. The commission indicated support for a family rocket launching event to take place sometime in the fall. Representing the parents of Cub Scout Pack 135, George Mulgrew explained that the festivities will give 46 youngsters and their mentors an opportunity to showcase the results of months of research and creativity. The exact date awaits a go-ahead from agricultural licensee Mark Duffy and coordination with the North Bridge Pony Club, which maintains a riding ring and jump facility at the conservation parcel.

The pack spokesman informed commissioners that the small projectiles are launched straight up and then float down on colorful parachutes, generally landing within 300 feet of the launch site. There will be four launchers in each group and the operators will step up one at a time and fire under the tight supervision of an adult Launch Captain.

Miniature rocketry is an established activity at Foss, but the commission reminded the applicants that they will be responsible for coordinating traffic management for the anticipated 150 attendees. The sponsors already have the required insurance.

Home addition at 262 River Road. Applicant Judy Asarkov garnered a Negative Determination on her Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) for construction of a 211-square-foot addition to the family home. Because intrusion into the 100-foot buffer zone of a nearby wetland will be minimum, and the work area is flat, stable and treeless, the commission allowed the project to proceed without further paperwork.

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