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Friday, June 29, 2007


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, June 20

Teacher promotions. Six Carlisle teachers have received professional teacher (formerly called "tenure") status, announced Superintendent Marie Doyle at the June 20 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC). The six teachers and their 2007 — 2008 assignments are: eighth-grade language arts teacher Marcella Pixley, third-grade teacher Chris Denaro, fourth-grade teacher Vanessa Marr, eighth-grade science teacher Dr. Kathryn Marsh, intensive-special-needs teacher Steven Peck, and kindergarten teacher Barney Arnold.

Professional teacher status is given to teachers at the school after three years of service. According to the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993, "The superintendent of said district, upon the recommendation of the principal, may award such status to any teacher who has served in the principal's school for not less than one year or to a teacher who has obtained such status in any other public school district in the commonwealth." Professional teacher status means a teacher is a permanent member of the teaching staff and is similar to tenure granted in the past. Teachers who have not received professional teacher status have to be notified in writing before June 14 whether they will continue the following year.

New sports fee. The School Committee voted to create a new fee of $55 for participation in each intramural sport, such as floor hockey and wall climbing. The CSC voted to keep existing sports fees at the same level as last year: varsity, $175; junior varsity, $85; "B" team $65.

Refrigerator needed. During a phone conversation to confirm sports fees, Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman said the refrigerator in the Spalding building has stopped working. "Unfortunately, during the last week or two of school the refrigerator in the teachers' room died. They limped along with the freezer serving as the refrigerator." She said Buildings and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery felt it was too old to repair. Zimmerman said the school would greatly appreciate the donation of a used or new refrigerator, not to exceed 36 inches in width.

Donations accepted. The CSC voted to accept $100 from the Kocak family for the instrumental music program, and a digital camcorder donated by Luke Anagnostopoulos. The CSC also accepted over $11,000 from the Carlisle School Association to fund "wishing tree" items. During the spring CSA fundraiser, guests could choose to fund specific items such as sandbox toys for the kindergarten, science supplies, or an agility ladder for physical education. Committee member Dale Ryder explained, "The CSA ended up funding every single item the teachers requested from the wishing tree."

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