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Friday, June 29, 2007


Pathways committee very happy with bid for construction, paving

The Selectmen voted at their June 26 meeting to accept the lowest bid of three received for completing the recently-issued RFP for pathways, issuing the job to Allied Paving of Chelmsford. At Annual Town Meeting, $300,000 in Community Preservation Act funds was set aside for the project, along with $100,000 already under the control of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee.
The project will add pathways from the Town Center along East Street as far as Partridge Lane, along Lowell Street as far as Old Morse Road, and along Concord Street as far as Bingham. The project will include resurfacing the existing path along Bedford Road.

The preliminary bid is around $260,000, or $43.70 per square yard, and Deb Belanger pronounced the committee "very happy." There is some latitude around the number as the two parties must negotiate lineage before a final contract is signed. In addition, work for the Conservation Commission, any outlays for easements, and any change orders could add to the number. "Until we put a shovel in the ground we don't know what the existing conditions are," warned Belanger. However the bid leaves a cushion of about $100,000 so "we're in okay shape." References from ten towns were checked "and all were positive," said Belanger.

Several steps must be completed before the project can proceed, including clearing easements, finishing engineering work, and going before the various boards that must give approval. It is hoped that the Bedford Road and East Street sections can be completed this year. Belanger noted that at the recent Pathwaypalooza event 30 citizens signed up to help out. She said it would be very useful if a volunteer attorney would come forward to help with the work on the easements. Interested citizens can contact her or Madonna McKenzie at Town Hall.

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