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Friday, June 22, 2007


When the regular season ended on May 25, the Concord-Carlisle High School softball team found itself in what has become a familiar position — Dual County League (DCL) champions. With a regular season record of 20-0, the team had won their third consecutive DCL championship. In addition, C-C players accumulated a variety of individual honors: seven were ...more

"I have always felt that the Town Clerk is sort of the 'Good Will Ambassador' for the town," states Charlene Hinton, Carlisle's Town Clerk, whose job brings her in daily contact with town residents. The Mosquito, as part of an occasional series on municipal employees, recently spoke with her to learn about her job. Unlike most elected officials, ...more

Throughout the year we in the eighth grade have been asked this question: why should we remember the past? I have learned that there are so many reasons. So that we don't repeat our mistakes, or so we can interpret the future are two such reasons. ...more

Editor's note: At graduation, the class speakers, Lucy King and Ben Parra, reflected on their years at the school. The Mosquito is pleased to publish their speeches. ...more

At about 8 p.m. Tuesday night June 12, I discovered a creature circling the light in my garage. Its size and flight were similar to a bat's. Its flight had bat-like, erratic changes of direction, but lacked the bat's quick, energetic accelerations. There was no discernible sound. It landed clumsily on the hood of my car, whereupon I could see it was a very ...more

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