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Friday, June 22, 2007


Superintendent Doyle responds to CTA vote

[School Superintendent Marie Doyle shared with the Mosquito the following letter to the Carlisle Teachers' Association (CTA) , dated June 16, in which she responds to their vote of "no confidence."]

The president of the CTA, Michael Miller, sent me an e-mail notifying me of a news release on a "no confidence vote." The next day, a letter was e-mailed to me outlining the concerns of the union. I am sorry that the association felt the need to take these actions.

I will not attempt to address all of the issues of the CTA in this letter. As in any leadership role, one does not expect to be loved by everyone nor have consensus on decisions made, particularly when budget cuts need to occur. What makes organizations great are learning communities where all members express differences in opinions and beliefs. Open communication of new ideas, as well as concerns, are extremely important. As always, I welcome all input from our faculty and staff. Unfortunately, I have not been given the opportunity to meet directly with the membership to discuss these concerns. I admire and respect the wonderful faculty and staff of the Carlisle Schools and would hope, as professional educators, they would understand and respect the very difficult decisions that have to be made on a daily basis. It is true that I have not always agreed with the CTA about which staffing patterns and programs are best for students. I have always taken their views seriously, but I have an obligation to exercise my best judgment, even if it sometimes differs from teachers, to insure the best education for all of our children.

As in my own life, as well as my career, I expect to make some mistakes, but only to learn from them, as we teach our children at a very young age. Recently I have apologized for not posting the grade three position as this led to angst for several staff members.

I remain interested in working on all issues with the CTA. I take their concerns very seriously. I would welcome the chance to sit at the table with the association or board members, at your earliest convenience, to delve into specific concerns, processes or practices so we can improve communication.

The CTA, representing many outstanding educators, and I do share the same goal of wanting what is best for the children and the Carlisle community. Based on this common ground, it gives me great hope that we can work together, resolve any differences, and work as a team to preserve our wonderful, respectful and caring educational school system with our utmost priority intact — meeting the needs of all of our students.

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