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Friday, June 22, 2007


Carlisle School Committee issues statement

[The following was released by the Carlisle School Committee on June 15.]

On Monday the School Committee received a press release ["Carlisle teachers explain 'no confidence' vote," Mosquito, June 15] from the Carlisle Teachers Association ('CTA") in which they expressed their concerns with the superintendent of the Carlisle Public Schools. While we regret that the CTA did not first address these concerns directly to the administration and the School Committee, we take them seriously and will work with the administration to review and develop an action plan to address the issues presented in the letter.

The superintendent and the administrative team of the Carlisle Public Schools make every effort to accommodate the personal and professional interests of our teachers, while balancing the accommodations of these interests with the effective education of our school children.

The School Committee expects that the superintendent will give first priority to the educational experience, learning and safety of our students and will continue to encourage respectful professional dialogue within the entire school community.

As always, we are committed to work together with the administration and faculty to resolve issues and strengthen our educational program.

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