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Friday, June 22, 2007


Shorts from the Selectmen, June 12

· Center Park update. Sabrina Perry provided an update on the Center Park project and a request for temporary irrigation. The police chief has approved allowing a water line under the road to transfer water from the police station while new plantings are getting established. The BOS added their approval. In all, 109 trees and shrubs have been delivered and granite benches have been installed. The dedication will be at 2 p.m. on June 30.

A complaint by the Historical Commission that changes were made in the plan is being resolved. "We don't want a precedent set that a project can make changes without going before the board," said Tim Hult. Perry was complimented for three years of dedication to the project.

· Reserve Fund transfers. Request for a transfer from the Reserve Fund totalling $225,000 are likely within the next few weeks as the town balances its 2007 budget. Overruns were in the areas of legal and school special education. For 2008, local receipts are "at or a little above" expectations, according to Hult. A meeting of representatives of the BOS, Finance Committee, and Carlisle School Committee will be held June 28 to "begin strategic thinking before the budget process. We're facing some reduction in anticipated new growth and a somewhat depleted Free Cash." The BOS approved transferring $5,000 for the purchase of a server for the MUNIS financial software at Town Hall.

· Wilson/Andreassen memorials. The Wilson/Andreassen memorials were approved unanimously. The Waldo Wilson display case will receive more items, including a photo and description of Wilson's service. A dedication will be planned, probably during the October Open House at the fire station. The Esther Wilson communications console will be dedicated when the upgrade is complete. Noting she ran town emergency communications from her home for 52 years, Hult queried, "I wonder what she'd make of this device?" Their daughter Sarah Andreassen will have the Town Hall terrace and a small garden dedicated in her memory at a date yet to be determined. The BOS also approved establishing a fund to collect donations for the three memorials.

· Oak Knoll cistern. The BOS approved moving ahead with a cistern at Oak Knoll to provide water in case of fire emergency. The plan was approved at Town Meeting in 2006 and has neighborhood support. The project is expected to be bid in July or August and installed in October or November.

· Student awards. The BOS voted unanimously to award four Caroline Hill Scholarships to the following students: Carol-Ann Wallhagan ($4,500), Katherine DeGuglielmo ($3,500) Elizabeth Daltas ($2,500), and Daniel Canina ($2,500). The Scholarship Committee consists of Sally Coulter, Mike Fitzgerald and Diane Powers.

· Kids House conversion. The Carlisle Kids House received permission to convert a garage into play space. There is no plan to expand the program, but indoor play space is needed so older kids do not disturb napping kindergarteners and pre-schoolers.

· Portable toilet financed. The cost of a portable toilet at Ferns will not require town funds due to donations from two bike clubs and Jennifer and Joe Kidder of Bedford Road.

· 40B moritorium request. Walpole is asking other towns to join them in seeking from the state legislature an immediate suspension of the portion of the state law, Chapter 40B, that allows developers to bypass local zoning as long as at least a quarter of the units created qualifies as affordable housing.The Selectmen voted to support the initiative. Tim Hult said, "Problems in this law are significant" and noted that legal fees associated with Coventry Woods will cost Carlisle over $120,000 for FY07.

· Municipal Partnership Act. The Municipal Partnership Act filed by the governor would supply cities and towns with alternatives to property taxes in raising funds, including a meals tax, room tax, telecoms property tax, and new options for negotiating with unions and joining the state pension plan if pension funds are under performing. Stevenson asked, "Is there any real benefit to us?" An accompanying chart predicted Carlisle might realize $26,000 from the telecoms tax. Elizabeth Barnet noted the law is "best for cities and larger communities."

· Homowner complaints. A complaint on Bingham Road was investigated by the Building Department and no building code violations were found, but the Board of Health and Police Departments may need to be involved. A complaint on Fiske Street that a special permit is being violated and a complaint on Sunset Road concerning permitted use of a garage were referred to Bylaw Enforcement Officer Robert Koning.

· Committee disbanded. The Wireless Application Advisory Committee was disbanded at the suggestion of its Chairman Fontaine Richardson, who noted they have not received requests to assist the Planning Board in seven years. Hult noted, "It would be a shame to pass up the rare opportunity to disband a committee."

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