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Friday, June 22, 2007


Carlisle School facilitator found in conflict of interest Asked to return unearned funds

Lyle Kirtman of Future Management Systems is no longer working as a facilitator with the Carlisle School, said Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle in a phone conversation last Wednesday, June 13. Doyle said, "He didn't fulfill his responsibility. We had only brief meetings, but there was a conflict of interest."

During Superintendent Doyle's annual review in the spring of 2006, the School Committee directed her to hire a facilitator to assist her and the other administrators in defining management roles and to provide training in leadership, communication and decision styles. The school paid Kirtman's firm a $10,000 "retainer" on July 7, 2006. On Thursday, June 14, Superintendent Doyle sent a letter to Kirtman asking for "a final itemized bill along with the return of funds for work not fulfilled."

In early 2007 Kirtman's firm was simultaneously working for the Manchester-Essex Regional School District (MERSD), helping in their search for a new superintendent. According to the MERSD minutes, Doyle was a candidate who interviewed with their school committee on February 12. (She later withdrew her application.) According to the minutes of that meeting, Doyle said she applied for the MERSD position after being approached about the vacancy by Kirtman's associate, Richard Warren.

When did work end?

There is some discrepancy about when Kirtman last worked in Carlisle, meeting with the Carlisle Teachers Association (CTA).

According to CTA President Michael Miller, the teachers met with Kirtman "in the early spring" and it is written in the Carlisle School Committee's minutes of March 21, 2007 that Doyle reported on the "CTA meeting with Lyle Kirtman of Future Management Systems." (On March 16, the Mosquito wrote about Doyle's candidacy, "Superintendent Doyle was finalist for new position".) After learning about the dual relationship Kirtman's firm had with Doyle, Miller explained, "At that point (and not until that point), I informed both Marie and Nicole Burkel that we would not meet with Mr. Kirtman again."

However, Superintendent Doyle's letter of June 14 to Kirtman says, "... our work stopped due to the fact that the CTA refused to meet with us after December...."

In response to a request for a comment, Kirtman instructed a colleague at Future Management Systems to respond, "We have no comment out to media about our clients."

According to the company's web site, Future Management Systems has experience working for over 200 K-12 schools as well as government, companies and non-profit organizations. Consulting services include leadership development, strategic planning, conflict resolution and team building. Kirtman is the president and CEO. The company lists ten other consultants on its staff.

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