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Friday, June 22, 2007


Defining success

What is success? The dictionary says that it is, "The achievement of something desired, planned or attempted." Though that is true, I believe that there is more to success that just that. It is not just becoming wealthy and victorious. It is not just excelling in a certain place. It is the feeling that you get when you do something right. It could be how you feel when you have completed a task that you didn't think you
Lucy King (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)
could handle. It could be mastering a piece of music, or painting a picture. It could be overcoming your fears. I think that today, we can all say that we have achieved success in graduating eighth grade, and ending a span of nine years in this school.

This success came in little steps, over the entire period of our school years. Success came in overcoming the fear to climb onto the big yellow school bus on the first day of kindergarten, waiting to meet your many "new best friends." Success came in taking the risk of reading aloud for the first time in first grade, in front of the class. Success came in working together for your first class plays in second grade and learning your multiplication tables in third. Success came in public speeches in fourth grade, and writing your first paper in fifth. Those were some of our major achievements in our lives.

And as for our middle school successes? Success was walking over a river on a wire in outdoor ed. It was the seventh-grade play and the teamwork it took to pull it off. Success was overcoming social barriers. Parting ways with old friends, and turning to new ones. And here, now, we have success all around us at our graduation.

In the fall we will be continuing on to high school and going our separate ways. This is a success in itself that we will be spreading our wings to breach the unexplored boundaries that we have not yet seen. We will again grow and become something that we haven't been. We will be faced with many more challenges, and we will overcome these challenges as we have overcome others.

When we grow up, some of us will experience different triumphs than others. An acceptance to college, an interview for a first job, buying a first house or apartment. These big things will happen to us, but other, small achievements will as well. It could be buying your own groceries, pumping your own gas, or passing your driver's test. These are things that you haven't done before, and in the completion of them, you are succeeding.

We have all matured and grown in our own ways, overcoming many tasks, and succeeding in ways we didn't know were possible. With this success we live our lives, turning new stones over and facing new things.

Today, I ask you, what is success? Success is here, success is now.

2007 The Carlisle Mosquito