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Friday, June 22, 2007


Remembering the past

Throughout the year we in the eighth grade have been asked this question: why should we remember the past? I have learned that there are so many reasons. So that we don't repeat our mistakes, or so we can interpret the future are two such reasons.
Ben Parra
Ben Parra (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

But one reason stood out to me the most, and it describes our individual lives. We should remember our pasts because they shape who we are. What we have done here in school has definitely done that. By remembering our pasts we know who we are, and how it affects us. I know what I will remember. I will remember the Castle, I will remember the seventh- grade play, and I will remember the senior band trip. I probably won't remember the things I wrote, or the music I played, or the jokes I told, but I will remember the influence of my teacher and peers on my life and my time here at the Carlisle schools.

Because everything we have done here at school has helped define who we are. The experiences we have gone through influence all our decisions and actions. I know that without my experiences here, at this unique school, I would be a very different person.

Being in this school has created an interesting bond between myself and my peers. Unlike other schools, I can see any one of my classmates and not only know their name, but could on the spot name many characteristics about them. What sport they play, what instrument they play, even the time they got on the mile. Being in the closed environment that this school creates, we are able to share our personal characteristics with our classmates without fear, because we know every single one of our peers and understand each other.

School has been interesting. I'd like to use a metaphor for this. Imagine climbing a tree. You rush up the branches, excited to get to the top. Once you get there, you stare out at those below you, loving every minute of the experience. To be at the top is to reach your objective, and you have met yours and you cherish the feeling. But then it is time to climb down. Everyone who has climbed a tree knows it takes longer to go down than to go up. You are excited to get down, but would love to stay up there forever. On your way down, you trip every branch with appreciation for what it has done for you on the way up. Then suddenly you're down, off to new things. For a moment you forget the tree, but then you look back and remember it, and you miss it, just a little bit.

We in the eighth grade are on our way down, and even though we may forget the times we spent here in the Carlisle School, whilst we are continuing our school career in high school, we will eventually look back, and miss them.

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